Kohl & Madden’s new earth series of sheetfed inks addresses desire for green ink technology

Pigment & Resin Technology

ISSN: 0369-9420

Article publication date: 4 July 2008



(2008), "Kohl & Madden’s new earth series of sheetfed inks addresses desire for green ink technology", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 37 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/prt.2008.12937dab.040



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Kohl & Madden’s new earth series of sheetfed inks addresses desire for green ink technology

Article Type: Environment and safety From: Pigment & Resin Technology, Volume 37, Issue 4

Addressing the need for ink technology that better meets the evolving “green” printing requirements of its customers, Kohl & Madden has launched earth series sheetfed inks, a low-VOC process set of inks with high levels of renewable raw materials such as linseed, soybean and other types of vegetable oils.

With vegetable oil content ranging from 38 to 51 percent, earth series inks produce only 2 percent VOCs – EPA Method 24, which makes this ink technology 80 percent lower in average VOCs than other standard sheetfed process inks now available.

Earth series inks offer excellent lithographic performance, great dot fidelity, high-trap efficiency and precise gray balance. These inks also provide a very wide water window and transfer well under most lithographic conditions. In addition to coming to color fast and maintaining density well during press runs, earth series inks “stay open,” which means they remain fountain fresh for extended periods of time.

In addition, Rycoline, Sun Chemical’s pressroom supplies division, has worked closely with the Kohl & Madden sheetfed ink team to develop a series of chemically matched low and zero VOC fountain solutions and washes. These new Rycoline products can help printers reduce VOCs by 50 percent or more. Evergreen wash is 90 percent lower in VOC content than other standard washes. Rycoline also offers two other washes called Peak 50 and 75 which are designed to help printers gradually lower overall pressroom VOCs.

“Our customers have been looking for green solutions that help the environment without sacrificing quality or performance,” said Kevin Yeazell, Vice President and General Manager, Kohl & Madden. “Using low VOC inks, fountain solutions and washes is one step that printers can take to help the environment. The Earth series inks and Rycoline low VOC founts and washes provide a system solution that combines the very best green environmental properties with high pressroom performance without adversely impacting applied economics.”

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