Ultrasonic Scientific launches new HR-US pressurizing system

Pigment & Resin Technology

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "Ultrasonic Scientific launches new HR-US pressurizing system", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 6. https://doi.org/10.1108/prt.2004.12933fad.009



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Ultrasonic Scientific launches new HR-US pressurizing system

Ultrasonic Scientific launches new HR-US pressurizing system

Keywords: Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd, Spectroscopy, Pressure equipment

Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd, innovator in High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectroscopy (HR-US) for material analysis launches its HR-US Pressurizing System for use in a range of industries including biotech, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, petrochemical and polymer (Plate 2). This latest product in the HR-US range provides pressurization of analyzed samples, making it perfect for analyzing liquids at temperatures above boiling, and gasses in samples.

Plate 2 Ultrasonic Scientific’s HR-US Pressurizing System

Ultrasonic Scientific’s new Pressurizing System has an internal compressor delivering a desired pressure to each of two cells of HR-US spectrometers. The cells can be pressurized independently or simultaneously for different measurements and two individual pressure outlet lines allow the user to set different pressures in each cell if required. The pressure is displayed on the front panel and is controlled by a regulator valve. In addition, the Pressurizing System is supplied with a gas inlet which can be connected to an external line allowing the user to pressurize the samples with a particular type of gas if required.

The HR-US Pressurizing System is a powerful tool for customers who need to analyze samples at pressures above 1 atm. This makes it perfect for analysis of bubble suppression, allowing samples to be characterized by the ultrasonic spectrometer in their pure, bubble-free state. For instance, the Pressurizing System can be used to analyze the formation of micelles and composition analysis in solutions of surfactants; heat-induced conformational changes in polymers; and kinetics of chemical reactions with gas producing products/reactants.

Ultrasonic Scientific’s new Pressurizing System is also able to analyze liquids with low boiling points making it possible to monitor microstructural and molecular transformations during high-temperature sterilization of food systems. Solubility of gases in samples and gas bubbles in liquids can also be analyzed by this new system.

Ultrasonic Scientific’s HR-US range of instruments allow analysis of transparent, translucent and opaque samples, and are truly non-destructive/non-invasive with broad dynamic range, record resolution and a variety of measuring regimes. For further information on Ultrasonic Scientific’s HR-US Pressurizing System, please contact: Tel: +353 1 218 0600; e-mail: info@ultrasonic-scientific.com; visit the Web site: www.ultrasonic-scientific.com.

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