The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics

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(2004), "The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 5.



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The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics

The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics

Keywords: Coatings, Europe, Plastics

Information Research (IRL) announces the availability of a brand-new title for its coatings library: The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics. This first-edition title provides an overview of the industry, markets and trends in the coatings for plastics sector.

The Western European market for coatings for plastics is estimated at 119,930 tonnes in 2003 and is expected to reach around 142,000 tonnes by 2008, equivalent to annual growth of 3.4 per cent. Polyurethanes are the preferred technology and continue to take market share from acrylics, although in the future, UV-curable, water-based and speciality technologies are likely to demonstrate the best growth opportunities, especially from 2007 onwards. The split of the market by technology is given in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics by Technology, 2003 (per cent)

Automotive component applications represent the largest single sector of the market at about 51,000 tonnes or 42 per cent of the total market. Other key sectors are the packaging and teletronics sectors, together with construction, which will be a key area for future developments.

The coatings for plastics market will increasingly lean towards personalisation and decoration in the future, rather than just mere protection. Fashion-led parts of the consumer goods market will continue to demand special effects and innovation which places the responsibility firmly with the coatings manufacturers and their suppliers. Many end-use markets will experience changes, including:

  • The automotive sector, where greater functional integration through plastic use will be a key development area. Here more than ever there will be closer cooperation between the OEMs and designers as interiors become more sophisticated and exteriors shift towards a “total look”.

  • The packaging sector will be affected by changes in demographics and the relationship this bears to consumer lifestyles, especially with sectors such as food retailing and flexible packaging.

  • The mobile phone sector can be envisaged as developing in several ways. Technology barriers have been removed from assembly which is increasing the degree of manufacturing and finishing taking place through outsourcing. Future directions may include own-label phones with a move towards more branding.

  • Construction applications will shift towards coatings for the protection of uPVC, continued demand for fireproofing coatings for plastics, greater personalisation and decoration around the home and new hygienic coatings for plastic areas in industrial environments.

The contents of The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics are:

  • Introduction;

  • Executive Summary;

  • Background;

  • Coatings for Plastics in the Automotive Sector;

  • Coatings for Plastics in Other Sectors;

  • Market Data;

  • Future Trends: Directives and Alternative Technologies;

  • Forecast;

  • Directory of Manufacturers of Coatings for Plastics in Western Europe; and

  • National Plastics and Coatings Associations.

The Western European Market for Coatings for Plastics (60 pp. and 30 tables) costs 2,250 for a single hard-copy edition. Sections of the report, priced individually, will soon be available to purchase online at the Web site:

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