Sherwood Technology promotes colour change chemistry on its new Web site

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Article publication date: 1 October 2004




(2004), "Sherwood Technology promotes colour change chemistry on its new Web site", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 5.



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Sherwood Technology promotes colour change chemistry on its new Web site

Sherwood Technology promotes colour change chemistry on its new Web site

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Sherwood Technology Limited, the leading colour change specialist, has launched a new Web site, which has been completely updated to fully reflect the potential of its innovations and technology licensing opportunities. The site, located at, provides comprehensive access to a repository of useful information on colour change chemistry solutions for a wide variety of applications including laser imaging and printing, UV skin care protection, and medical device sterilisation. The new site reflects the growing interest in the company’s DataLase™ technology, a new generation coding, printing and marking technique. A substantial part of the content emphasises the benefits, technical aspects and applications of DataLase™ in order to forge a better understanding of this ground-breaking technique.

Reinforcing Sherwood’s image as a pioneer, the DataLase™ area of the Web site will appeal to all parties involved in the packaging value chain, from substrate suppliers to brand manufacturers. Sherwood’s solutions can be used for applications ranging from the coding and dating of products to the printing of graphics, and even security markings for a broad range of industry applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Research is also underway into the marking of glass, confectionery and pharmaceutical tablets.

Sherwood’s Web site has undergone a complete redesign to facilitate easier navigation. Content has been judiciously split into separate colourful sections to discuss latest news from the company, licensing opportunities, product and technological features and future developments. The mood of the site mirrors Sherwood’s values and dynamism with its first-class research and development capabilities and focussed management team.

DataLase™ is opening up a vast array of opportunities in the printing and packaging industries, and presented in considerable depth on the site. Combining chemistry, substrate conversion and laser energy for the high speed printing of images using low power laser light, DataLase™ is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly ink, coating or substrate additive that produces a positive image when marked by a low power CO2 laser. The ink, coating or additive undergoes a simple chemical colour change and creates an image that is stable and has high contrast.

The new Web site provides timely access to relevant information for both potential and present customers and can act as a useful reference tool about colour change technology. A tailored content management system (CMS) powering the Web site allows content to be refreshed easily and regularly for the benefit of repeat visitors. The site has been further enhanced with a secure client area for existing customers to ensure that they receive value added information.

Steve Kelly, managing director, Sherwood Technology explains, “It is essential that we take advantage of all communication channels with our customers and potential partners as our DataLase™ technology gains momentum in the marketplace. Our new Web site acts both as a source of useful and relevant content about our solutions and the broader benefits of colour change chemistry. It will also allow us to interact with a broader base of prospects thereby further extending our reach and building a strong image for the company and the DataLase™ brand”.

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