Next-generation family of spectrophotometers

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(2004), "Next-generation family of spectrophotometers", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 4.



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Next-generation family of spectrophotometers

Next-generation family of spectrophotometers

Keywords: Spectroscopy, Instruments, UV

Spectrophotometers are said to deliver an unprecedented combination of productivity, ease of use and technical excellence that addresses the needs of customers across multiple industries and applications.

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, a provider of drug discovery, life science research, and analytical solutions, has announced a significant upgrade and expansion of its Lambda range of instruments for molecular analysis based on ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared spectroscopy.

The new Lambda 650 introduces the first high-performance mid-range UV/vis system from PerkinElmer and redefines expectations for mid-range UV/vis instruments by combining unprecedented ease of use with best-in-class optical performance and uniquely flexible sampling options. At the high end of the new Lambda range, the Lambda 850 and 950 combines ultra-high spectroscopic performance with significantly improved productivity, reducing the time required for complex analyses.

“The introduction of the new Lambda 650/850/ 950 series is a remarkable demonstration of PerkinElmer's continued leadership and innovation in UV/vis technology,” said Stephen Delity, Biopharma Analytical Solutions Business Unit Leader, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. “The Lambda 650, 850 and 950 deliver an unprecedented combination of productivity, ease of use and technical excellence that addresses the needs of customers across multiple industries and applications”.

The Lambda 650/850/950 series combines uniquely flexible sampling modules, large dual sample compartments, and powerful UV WinLab software to accommodate the wide variety of demanding UV/vis/NIR measurements necessary in industries such as optics, pharmaceutical, life sciences, glass, paint and coatings, textiles, polymers, and electronics. Typical analyses include the characterisation of coatings on optical components, transmission properties of glass and measurement of color consistency in paints and textile dyes.

URA redefines the ease of set-up. One of the most innovative elements of the new Lambda 650/ 850/950 family is the PerkinElmer universal reflectance accessory (URA), described as a breakthrough in sampling accessories for absolute reflectance measurements at variable angles.

The URA automates angle changes, eliminates alignment issues, and permits instant switching between reference and sample. This streamlines the earlier time-consuming manual adjustment process and thereby improves throughput while reducing per-sample costs. The special URA software automatically handles set-up with a few mouse clicks and shares high-performance components. All of the new Lambda models share the same technology platform, which is said to provide the highest available performance at each price point. The Lambda 650 is optimised for tough UV/vis measurements on liquids and solids over the wavelength range 190-900 nm and the sensitivity and optical performance in the Lambda 850 have been increased for more demanding measurements over the range 175-900 nm. For the ultimate in high performance analysis over the UV/vis/NIR wavelength range, the Lambda 950 provides high sensitivity measurements from 175 to 3,300 nm. All three instruments use the same accessory platform and share the interchangeable modules for the URA, integrating spheres and the transmission unit uniquely, large and flexible sample compartments. The two sample compartments provide unusual flexibility and are also the industry's largest. The primary sample compartment holds small accessories for basic measurements while a larger compartment is spacious enough for a range of modules such as the URA and integrating spheres as well as very large samples and multiple accessories.

Sampling modules snap in and require no alignment or set-up. Labs can perform many different measurements that earlier required several instruments and complicated time- consuming set-ups. While the Lambda's two sampling compartments and accessories will serve the needs of most labs, PerkinElmer also offers a large custom sampling module called the general purpose optical bench (GPOB) that replaces the primary and secondary sample compartments with a single custom base plate on which the user can set-up specialised experiments and accommodate large or awkwardly shaped samples. PerkinElmer has also upgraded its UV WinLab software to include a professional workflow system that guides the lab worker or bench scientist through a process based on the best practices in UV/vis/NIR analysis. In addition to reducing operational and analysis time, the completely new and streamlined software simplifies training so that a wider range of lab personnel, including infrequent users, can quickly become proficient and extract meaningful data. Storage of secure database results and the use of sophisticated trending tools allow reviewing, analysis and prediction to improve decision making. Customised reporting tools present results in any style or format.

UV WinLab enhanced security (ES) also features seamless 21 CFR Part 11 compliance which is essential for pharmaceutical companies and for customers in other regulated environments. The Lambda 650, 850 and 950 instruments are available immediately worldwide.

For further information, please contact: PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, Imperiastraat 8, Zaventem, B-1930, Belgium. Tel: +32 2 717 7911; Fax: +32 2 717 7939; Web site:

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