Transfer pumps

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Article publication date: 1 April 2001



(2001), "Transfer pumps", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 30 No. 2.



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Transfer pumps

Transfer pumps

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Pump distributors CT Technical Products are introducing air-operated transfer pumps manufactured in Italy by ATI (Applicazione Teenologic Industriali).

Pumps designed for industrial process applications include ATI's Series T drum pumps and a range of extrusion units for transferring very viscous materials from open containers.

ATI's Series T pumps are for pumping liquids out of closed containers. They are fitted with a suction tube enabling the pump to draw through a two-inch bung hole. A bung lock adapter seals the container while the pump is in place.

A feature claimed of these pumps is their construction, in which a reciprocating air motor is connected rigidly to the double-acting pump, but set apart, avoiding any risk of product contamination.

Series T pumps can reportedly handle a variety of liquids including paints, lacquers, resins, solvents, oils, grease and petrol. Maximum flow capability is said to range from 131/min to 57 1/min, depending on the model. Construction is in steel and aluminium or stainless steel, with gaskets in Teflon.

These pumps have been developed to extrude and distribute product in paste or gel form. The manufacturers inform us that the pumps can handle sealants, bitumen, grout and many other materials with viscosity up to and beyond 300,000 centipoises.

For more effective filling of the suction valve, the pump is mounted on a double ram which lowers and raises it within the drum. A plate pushes product into the suction valve and wipes the sides of the drum.

The range of five ATI extrusion pumps offers a choice of maximum discharge pressures from 64 bar to 536 bar, while product delivery for the different pumps at maximum recommended speed is between 71/min and 91/min. Plates can be supplied to fit any standard container from 20 litres to 200 litres capacity.

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