Interchange between laboratories and enterprise

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(2000), "Interchange between laboratories and enterprise", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 29 No. 2.



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Interchange between laboratories and enterprise

Interchange between laboratories and enterprise

Keywords: LabSystems, Software

LabSystems (Thermo LabSystems) has recently introduced the latest interface designed to offer data interchange between laboratories and enterprise.

SM-IDI 4.1 has been introduced to overcome the challenge facing large global enterprise needing to integrate data between their SAP R/3 enterprise systems and laboratories. The laboratory is a regulated industry, with traceability and compliance necessary in its management software, and enterprise requires automated access to all aspects of the company's business. SM-IDI is the interface between SampleManager LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and the SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system via SAP's QM module.

The logistics suite is used to manage the flow of materials along the whole of an organisation's supply chain, from their vendors who supply raw materials through to the customers who buy their finished products. QM manages material quality by triggering inspections. These inspections may need the services of a laboratory to perform them, and a LIMS to manage the detail of the inspection process - hence the need for the QM-IDI and SM-IDI interfaces.

The key aims of SM-IDI 4.1 are stated to be to reduce the amount of customisation required per site. This is achieved by building in common modifications as standard. Included in this release are several developments, such as:

  • Persistent upload queue to remove the need for result pipe.

  • Mapping of SAP to SampleManager, managed via the LIMS database.

  • New Explorer interface to view and maintain SM-IDI data.

  • Configuration items moved into the database, the majority of which can be changed down to the individual query level.

  • More than 20 new customisation points.

Also new from LabSystems (Thermo LabSystems) is its LabSystems 2000 range of products. The LabSystems 2000 range of automation solutions claims new improvements both in laboratory productivity and in connectivity.

Product development for LabSystems' 2000 range has been governed by the company's worldwide customer base. The latest introductions in laboratory information management systems and chromatography data systems have been tailored specifically to identifiable and changing market requirements:

  • New SampleManager 2000 - the LIMS for enterprise manufacturing laboratories.

  • New Nautilus 2000 - the LIMS for R&D and laboratory productivity.

  • New Atlas 2000 - the chromatography data system for chromatographic productivity.

  • New PathFinder - LabSystems' implementation services group.

  • New 4 sight implementation service - scalable software implementation to meet the needs of the individual laboratory.

Details available from: LabSystems. Tel: +44 (0)800 0185227; e-mail

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