Squeeze bag provides complete discharge of viscous liquids

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(2000), "Squeeze bag provides complete discharge of viscous liquids", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 29 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/prt.2000.12929bad.014



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Squeeze bag provides complete discharge of viscous liquids

Squeeze bag provides complete discharge of viscous liquids

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The Rhino ™ squeeze bag from Custom Packaging Systems (Plate 8) is said to provide a reusable semi-bulk package, holding up to 2,200lb of viscous and heavy liquids, that completely discharges contents in a clean, efficient and ergonomic operation. The design of the Rhino squeeze bag features Custom Packaging's exclusive cone-shaped bottom for fast flow and complete discharge of thick and highly-viscous liquid products. An internally secured form-fit liner reportedly aids in preventing product entrapment in the bag and assures expulsion of residual product that might otherwise be trapped in the bag's bottom.

Plate 8The Rhino TM squeeze bag from Custom Packaging Systems

Holding up to 2,200lb of product, the squeeze bag claims an economical, labour-saving alternative to drums, totes, and trucks. Once the product is discharged and the liner removed, the self-folding squeeze bag will weigh only 9lb and may be reused for additional cost savings, or easily recycled or disposed of.

The Rhino squeeze bag is constructed of USDA- and FDA-approved materials, and is designed with a durable woven polyethylene or polypropylene outer bag and a multi-ply poly form-fit inner disposable liner. The special design of the liner, which is taped and tied to the tough outer bag, is said to prevent the liner from collapsing during discharge and keeps it securely in place until removal.

The liner is available in barrier films to maintain shelf life. Quickly set up for easy filling and then shipped in a rigid container, at the point of use the squeeze bag easily lifts out of the container using a forklift or overhead hoist. Once positioned over the desired holding vessel, the bag's bottom spout is opened and the contents expelled by pump or gravity.

Optional manual or automatic squeeze rollers can then be used to completely discharge contents with minimum residual.

Spouts can be either flexible or rigid, depending on the application, and the fill spout allows easy access for sampling by quality control personnel.

Details available from: Custom Packaging Systems, Inc. Tel: +1 231 723 5211; Fax: +1 231 723 6014; e-mail: sales@custompackaging.com; Website: http://www.custompackaging.com

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