Primarc transformers

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Primarc transformers

Primarc transformers

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Primarc UV Technology have been engaged since 1970 in the development of UV curing technology, manufacturing a wide range of UV curing lamps suitable for all makes of driers. Primarc are one of the few lamp manufacturers also producing transformers and lamp control systems (Plate 2). Each Primarc transformer is said to be individually designed and specified to the associated lamp. As a result of this individual design, the transformer then operates in a uniquely matched relationship with the lamp to maintain a constant output, ensuring maximum UV efficiency.

Plate 2A Primarc transformer - the reliable solution to UV lamp control

Primarc manufacture two different types of transformer: constant wattage transformers - this is the type of transformer predominantly supplied by Primarc to the UV curing market. The Primarc constant wattage control circuit is a balance of inductive and capacitative reactance and claims the advantage that given a þ20 per cent variation in voltage input there is only a 5 per cent variation in output power. This is particularly useful in countries where fluctuation of the power supply network is frequent and unpredictable.

Primarc constant wattage transformers claim to draw less energy, are said to be more efficient and run cooler, with less vibration and noise. They are considered to be reliable and require little or no maintenance over many years of good service.

Reactive transformers - Primarc also manufacture a range of inductive or reactor ballasts. Reactive transformers operate the discharge lamp with a more sinusoidal current waveform than the constant wattage transformer. Consequently, the reactive transformer is more suitable for operating metal halide lamps.

According to Primarc all its lamps and equipment are manufactured to exacting standards within the scope of their ISO 9002 registration.

For advice on UV technology and information on Primarc's complete product range, request a free copy of the company's Product Information CD or visit its Website at

Details available from: Primarc. Tel: + 44 (0) 1753 528678; Fax: + 44 (0) 1753 811678.

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