Colour measuring instruments

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(2000), "Colour measuring instruments", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 29 No. 1.



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Colour measuring instruments

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A hand-held instrument that is claimed to measure colour quickly, easily and accurately on almost any type of surface - the new GretagMacbeth ColorEye XTH spectrophotometer (Plate 3) - was recently featured at Interplas'99. By enabling plastics manufacturers to measure step chips as well as final products, the XTH reportedly ensures consistency throughout processing.

Plate 3 GretagMacbeth's ColorEye XTH is the ideal colour measuring instrument for the plastics industry

Other products demonstrated included the Color-Eye 7000A and 2180 spectrophotometers running GretagMacbeth's powerful ProPalette colour formulation and Optiview colour quality control software and the SpectraLight III colour viewing booth.

A sphere-based spectrophotometer, the lightweight ColorEye XTH incorporates XT5 technology that uses a two-dimensional CCD to capture five frames (or channels) of measurement data simultaneously.

Considered ideal for almost any colour measurement application, its menu-driven operation and dedicated standard and trial buttons reportedly reduce start-up training time. 3D targeting, removable foot and optional dual apertures (10mm and 4mm diameter) enable a single unit to perform precise, repeatable colour measurements on the broadest range of part sizes, eliminating the expense of multiple instruments.

The ProPalette colour formulation system claims a new level of user input and sophisticated programming techniques to increase both productivity and profits. Optiview is a comprehensive QC system said to be suitable for every stage of the colour inspection process from raw materials to the finished product.

The recently introduced SpectraLight III colour viewing booth incorporates SmartLogic technology that is believed to improve productivity and operator programmable light source sequencing for hands-free visual colour evaluation. Operators can self-certify the SpectraLght, giving handsome savings in calibration and recertification costs.

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