News from Talis

Program: electronic library and information systems

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Article publication date: 1 June 2004



(2004), "News from Talis", Program: electronic library and information systems, Vol. 38 No. 2.



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News from Talis

News from Talis

Salford selects the Talis Information Environment

The University of Salford has integrated its Oracle-based Student Information System (SIS) with its Talis Library Management System (LMS). This was achieved with the Talis Information Environment, based on the TalisPrism Web services architecture. The system took just weeks to develop and implement, and through the use of Talis’ integration services, Salford has been able to improve the student registration process: students’ dual use ID/library card providing them with automatic access to the library from the moment they are registered. The new process automatically creates new students’ profiles and registers their details with the library in real-time to avoid manual re-registration at the library and associated library card activation. The Talis Information Environment allows the 18,000 learners to access the library with its 600,000 volumes and 4,000 periodicals and e-journals more efficiently than previously. The Web services standards-based approach allows Talis to deliver cross-platform integration to customers in a short time.

Leeds goes live with TalisPrism for Web-based OPAC access

The Leeds Library and Information Service has upgraded to TalisPrism to power its new Web-based catalogue and online reservations system at its 56 branches. As part of the e-government initiative, the Leeds Library Service is “e-enabling” to allow its 715,000 potential users to access council services via the Internet or automated telephone services as well as face-to-face. A total of 500 computers have recently been installed in Leeds libraries under the People’s Network scheme, allowing users to search the library’s online catalogue, renew items or reserve items using TalisPrism; or to use other computer facilities to search for information on the Web, send e-mails, word process or to benefit from computer-based learning. The library catalogue can be accessed via the Internet from any PC, helping to improve access for users in the library, school, business or at home. In a bid to further increase accessibility for all, the library service is actively seeking shared premises and has already installed libraries in several One Stop Centres and also in a Community Health Facility, making the service even more socially inclusive. The libraries are also now using TalisMessage, where clients can ring a special telephone number to renew books, using a voice-activated service, reducing queues and offering 24x7 service. In the future, the library service plans to implement the outbound version of the system, where an automatic service will call users to tell them that an item they reserved has arrived or to remind them that items are overdue.

Another new implementation for Leeds is electronic data interchange (EDI) Quotes from Talis. With the new solution, the library management system is automatically updated with proposed orders from book suppliers, including bibliographic and item data. Proposed orders arise from a variety of stock selection opportunities, such as a visit to a supplier’s showroom or Web site, selection from the supplier’s CD-ROM or by the supplier. The service brings considerable cost savings to libraries by eliminating the need to key-in orders. The library simply reviews and confirms the proposed orders within the acquisitions module of Talis. This means that books now arrive more quickly than before.

Leeds is in the early stages of a project to implement Talis Signpost, a subject-based reference point to help users to reach relevant sources more quickly, whether for lifelong learning, reader development, youth services or as the point of entry for links to locally derived content. In another development with community links, the library service is also pioneering new Web site developments in Leeds. Leeds Communities Online is a project which will provide a portal linking the web sites of various communities. By exploiting the Internet for social, economic and community development, the project aims to give citizens and groups the opportunity to be more involved in local decision making, therefore contributing to social inclusion and cohesion. Leeds Communities Online ( will provide basic community information and provide the opportunity for citizens to comment on local issues through discussion boards and forums.

University of Ulster first to install TalisList

Talis Information has announced the launch of TalisList Version 2.1, the new version of the UK’s market leading product for creating, managing and publishing course resource lists. The University of Ulster with a collection of over 500,000 books as well as 5,000 academic journals and newspapers and e-journals is the first site to implement the new version. Version 2.1 is a free upgrade to all TalisList users and includes:

  • TalisList Navigator which makes it quicker for academics and library staff to create, review and publish resource lists. The Navigator sends an alert when lists are about to expire, and advises on the status of each list. For library administrators with many lists to process, the Navigator helps focus efforts, saves time and increases throughput.

  • New facilities for academics to make recommendations for purchase against key works, and for library staff to identify and manage those recommendations.

  • A new report centre for producing reports on-screen, or for export to any other system in industry-standard formats. Version 2.1 includes stock management and purchase recommendation reports.

  • New XML-based data import facilities designed to keep all course-related information up-to-date through automated feeds whether from a VLE, student registry or staff lists.

  • Enhancements to TalisList’s “entry shopping”, makes it easier to bring resources from other information repositories (from library catalogues to e-resources and site-specific sources) into the resource lists.

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