Anti-cancer properties of ginger

Nutrition & Food Science

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Article publication date: 3 February 2012



(2012), "Anti-cancer properties of ginger", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 42 No. 1.



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Anti-cancer properties of ginger

Article Type: Food facts From: Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 42, Issue 1

Scientists at Georgia State University have found that whole ginger extract has promising cancer-preventing activity in prostate cancer. The first of its kind study looks at the anti-cancer properties of ginger as a whole, rather than that of individual compounds found in the plant. The lab of Ritu Aneja, Associate Professor of Biology, found that the ginger extract had significant effects in stopping the growth of cancer cells, as well as in inducing cell death in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells. The research appears online via FirstView in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Most importantly, in animal studies, the extract did not show significant toxicity to normal tissues, such as bone marrow. That makes it possible for scientists to use a much smaller amount of extract to take advantage of whole ginger extract’s beneficial properties than would be required if a single chemical was used, Aneja said. In looking at the data, a human would have to consume only about 3.5 oz of whole ginger extract in a daily diet to get the beneficial effects. Aneja’s lab seeks to find natural, non-toxic ways to combat cancer using kinder, gentler drugs as well as plant compounds, as current approaches cause major and debilitating side effects. The “Anticancer benefits of whole ginger extract in prostate cancer,” appears in the British Journal of Nutrition, doi: 10.1017/S000711451100330. Access the article at:

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