New anti-bacterial signs released

Nutrition & Food Science

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Article publication date: 18 July 2008



(2008), "New anti-bacterial signs released", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 38 No. 4.



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New anti-bacterial signs released

Article Type: Food facts From: Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 38, Issue 4.

As part of helping the food and meat industry to enhance hygiene standards, spectrum industrial has released an innovative new range of signs that minimises the transfer of bacterial infection.

Each BioSign is specially coated with a substance that typically results in 99.99 per cent reduction in bacterial colonisation. With the ever growing risks of Escherichia coli and other harmful bacteria found in abattoirs, food processing centres, butchers shops and supermarkets, this latest development could not have come at a better time. All signs are also self-adhesive and fully coated, which means they do not require the use of non-coated fixings that could, themselves, introduce contamination into a workplace.

Spectrum industrial not only offers this coating on any of their standard signs but also on their bespoke size sign to suit individual customer needs.

John Billington, Sales Manager of spectrum industrial, said: “We are one of the first companies to offer this specialist coating on signs and it is already gaining lots of interest. This is a major breakthrough in the way signs are produced for food-related environments that are prone to contamination and we are delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting technology”.

Each sign is coated with silver ions, which provide a robust anti-microbial surface that cannot be washed off and does not lead to bacterial strains developing a resistance. Silver ions are well known for their microbiocidal properties, which means they are lethal to single celled micro-organisms, but harmless to humans.

Research has shown that silver ions can eliminate and prevent the spread of nearly 150 strains of bacteria. They have also been found to inhibit growth and spread of MRSA and E. coli.

This special coating is now available on spectrum industrial's extensive range of signs, including fire safety, no smoking, prohibition and warning signs. All spectrum industrial's signs are available in all the main European and international languages to suit customer requirements.

Taktyle Braille signs for the visually impaired are an important part of the range, for which the benefits of this coating are even more evident, due to the need to minimise the risks when touched.

As all signs are coated in-house in spectrum industrial's accredited facility and can be manufactured as bespoke items to suit individual requirements.

Spectrum industrial is renowned for the quality of its self-adhesive semi-rigid PVC signs that are used in many industries.

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