AVA strawberries

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Article publication date: 18 July 2008



(2008), "AVA strawberries", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 38 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/nfs.2008.01738dab.021



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AVA strawberries

Article Type: Food facts From: Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 38, Issue 4.

AVA strawberries get Europe wide recognition with the launch of the Aromio Red Growers' Association.

The Aromio Red Growers' Association has been launched to ensure that exceptional flavour and top quality AVA strawberries are grown to meet increasing demand across Europe. The association consists of 14 Greenery AVA strawberry growers across Europe, in consultation with the Greenery itself who are Europe's leading fruit and vegetable producer.

AVA strawberries are a premium variety of strawberry developed, grown and marketed in the UK under the AVA Strawberry label by Scottish firm Angus Soft Fruits. AVA strawberries are also grown in Europe by the 14 members of the Aromio Red Growers' Association under contract to the Greenery who market exclusively under the “Aromio” brand to supply Germany, Russia and The Netherlands.

The launch of the Aromio Red Growers' Association is in response to increased demand for AVA strawberries across Europe and is designed to guarantee that growing, harvesting and quality initiatives ensure that production is focussed on meeting the growing market demand.

AVA is Angus Soft Fruits' unique variety of strawberry noted for its delicious taste, fruity aroma and white petals which show the freshness of the fruit and its heart shape – hence AVA are known as the strawberries with a heart. AVA berries are also more aromatic than other berries giving them a naturally fruity fragrance.

Lochy Porter, Managing Director of Angus Soft Fruits comments: “This recognition of our AVA strawberry brand by Europe's leading fruit producer is a great accolade for Angus Soft Fruits as we continue our drive to innovate and position new growing techniques in what has traditionally been a very static marketplace”.

Porter concludes: “As well as pushing distribution of our Baby AVA brand, another first to market for us we are increasing investment on Good Natured Fruit, our fresh strawberries and raspberries brand label that is grown without the use of artificial pesticides and so are pesticide-residue-free. Again breaking all the inherited traditional wisdom of the market”.

Angus Soft Fruits supplies about 10 per cent of the strawberries and 40 per cent of the raspberries eaten in the UK.

In 2008, the Aromio Red Growers' Association's 14 growers across Europe expect the total yield of AVA strawberries to weigh in at approximately 1 million kg of AVA strawberries.

For further information on AVA strawberries and good natured fruit please see www.avastrawberry.co.uk and www.goodnaturedfruit.co.uk

For further information on the Greenery please see www.thegreenery.com

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