Dairy may guard against bowel cancer

Nutrition & Food Science

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Article publication date: 18 July 2008



(2008), "Dairy may guard against bowel cancer", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 38 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/nfs.2008.01738dab.018



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Dairy may guard against bowel cancer

Article Type: Food facts From: Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 38, Issue 4.

In the UK, Bowel cancer, or colorectal carcinoma, is the third most common cause of cancer overall and the second most common in women. April is Bowel cancer awareness month, The Dairy Council would like to remind people of the beneficial effects of calcium and dairy foods.

Dr Judith Bryans, Director of The Dairy Council, said: “Like any chronic disease, the development of colon cancer is complex and is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Of the environmental factors diet is only one part and no one food can prevent the disease. There is, however, an increasing body of scientific evidence to suggest that a high intake of calcium and calcium-rich foods, particularly milk, may be beneficial in lowering the risk of bowel cancer. Nutrients other than calcium in milk may offer additional protection”.

Symptoms of colon cancer include blood or mucus in the stools, a lump in the stomach, change in bowel habit (constipation and/or diarrhoea), rectal bleeding and abdominal pain. Often accompanied by weight loss, the development of bowel cancer is most strongly linked to a diet low in vegetables and fibre and high in red meat and processed meats.

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