Consumers "prefer pies and meat dishes"

Nutrition & Food Science

ISSN: 0034-6659

Article publication date: 23 May 2008



(2008), "Consumers "prefer pies and meat dishes"", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 38 No. 3.



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Consumers "prefer pies and meat dishes"

Article Type: Food Facts From: Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 38, Issue 3.

Consumers prefer to eat meat dishes or pies for their main meal at a pub, followed by a fruit crumble, the Publican Food Report 2007 has discovered. The favourite starter for consumers was found to be soup. However, the research revealed that food sales at pubs have not increased as dramatically as expected following the smoking ban. Consumers are not returning to pub food in the drives expected with only 33 per cent of the surveyed publicans seeing an increase in food sales, while 54 per cent said they had seen no change since July 1. John Ported, pub food editor of the Publican, commented on the factors that may have impacted upon consumer trends.

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