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EFFoST is a non-profit federation of 80 societies in Europe, it is the European branch of IUFoST, the international Union of Food Science and Technology, which is a full Scientific Member of the International Council for Science (ICSU). The goal of IUFoST and EFFoST is to promote and apply food science and technology to secure a safe and sufficient food supply everywhere. EFFoST has become a focus for European cooperation among food scientists, engineers, technologists and businesses in food and food related areas. Since 1997 the Secretariat is hosted and supported by the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

To achieve its aims, EFFoST organises meetings where researchers, manufacturers, retailers food service specialist, consumer bodies, young scientists and students discuss issues of industrial relevance, including innovations, changes in legislation and career opportunities. Topics such as the introduction of new technologies and harmonisation of enforcement measures are on the agenda. EFFoST also helps to identify future research, development, education and training needs for food research, production and distribution.

EFFoST produces a Newsletter that is publishes every two weeks. For a free subscription register at www.effost.org/news or contact the secretariat.


  • To improve communication between food professionals in industry, universities, research organisations, consumer organisations, governments and the European Commission.

  • To enhance rapid technology transfer from ideas/research into industrial applications to improve European competitiveness, carefully taking into consideration wholesomeness, safety and environmental aspects.

  • To promote continuing professional development and educational excellence in food science and technology.

  • To harmonise food legislation and enforcement programmes throughout Europe and through cooperation with the other branches of IUFoST, the promotion of global harmonisation.

  • To maintain a collaborative network of food professionals aimed at cooperation and sharing a knowledge to promote the availability of wholesome food products everywhere.


  • EFFoST develops publications and organises events on topical issues of industrial relevance, including novel processing methods, changes in legislation and its enforcement, food safety and security.

  • Special interest groups (SIG).

  • EFFoST is setting up special interest groups on particular topics of interest to food science and technology professionals and consumers. You can find the SIGs at www.effost.org/specialinterestgroups, which can be joined by contacting the secretariat.


  • The activities of EFFoST are coordinated by an executive Committee of which the members are elected through a transparent process. The executive committee is supported by the SIGs as well as task teams. For more details and the EFFoST constitution, see www.effost.org. To join EFFoST, complete the form that can be downloaded from www.effost.org/join.htm


EFFoST European Federation of Food Science and Technology, PO Box 8129, 6703 HD, Wageningen, The Netherlands, www.effost.org

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