Databank. Sandwiches

Nutrition & Food Science

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Article publication date: 1 December 1999



(1999), "Databank. Sandwiches", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 99 No. 6.



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Databank. Sandwiches



Every man, woman and child in the UK eats on average 37 sandwiches a year and sandwiches claim 41 percent of the fast food market compared with burgers (18 percent) and fish and chips (12 percent). The average British worker takes just 32 minutes for lunch and 14 percent of them do not take a break at all. Sandwiches are ideal because they can be eaten on the hoof, at the desk or on a plate. Stottie cakes, pease pudding, haggis and roast lamb are popular sandwich ingredients in different parts of the UK. Chicken remains the favourite filling taking the country as a whole and this is followed by other favourites such as bacon, lettuce and tomato. But there is still a tendency for regional tastes to be translated into sandwich fillings. In Scotland, for example, consumers have no truck with bland fillings. A Burns night sandwich of haggis and crispy bacon typifies the stronger tastes beloved of the Scots as does the chicken vindaloo and added ingredients such as garlic, green ginger, pineapple, Dijon mustard and Mexican chilli which are favourites in the Border country. In North Shields a favourite sandwich filling is pease pudding and ham served in the north-eastern speciality Stottie cake, a round flat loaf. In Swansea a favourite sandwich filling is spicy chicken and tuna mayonnaise but other favourites are smoked bacon with mozzarella and garlic mushrooms, Brie with seasonal fruits and roast lamb in cucumber and mint dressing.

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