Multitest MT9928xm deployed for calibration of MEMS oscillators

Microelectronics International

ISSN: 1356-5362

Article publication date: 20 January 2012



(2012), "Multitest MT9928xm deployed for calibration of MEMS oscillators", Microelectronics International, Vol. 29 No. 1.



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Multitest MT9928xm deployed for calibration of MEMS oscillators

Article Type: Industry news From: Microelectronics International, Volume 29, Issue 1

Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, announces that its MT9928 tri-temp test handler was chosen for a novel MEMS oscillator application that requires the most accurate temperature calibration. Multitest is well-known for test equipment with highly accurate and stable temperature control. Therefore, the MT9928xm was the test handler of choice for this MEMS application.

MEMS oscillators are gaining increased importance. They offer unique benefits in cost and robustness compared to traditional crystal oscillators. Like other MEMS devices, they need to be calibrated; however, the temperature setting is the critical issue. Multitest has been developing, manufacturing and selling tri-temp test equipment for more than 20 years. Additionally, Multitest has thorough knowledge of MEMS test and calibration equipment. Based on this reputation at IDMs and OSATs, the MT9928xm was chosen to perform the calibration under various temperature situations.

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