Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) evaluation module provides an easy way to “seeing is believing”

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 25 July 2008



(2008), "Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) evaluation module provides an easy way to “seeing is believing”", Microelectronics International, Vol. 25 No. 3.



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Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) evaluation module provides an easy way to “seeing is believing”

Article Type: New products From: Microelectronics International, Volume 25, Issue 3

QuickLogic has released an evaluation module for its Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) technology. It allows OEMs and ODMs to see first-hand the benefits that VEE technology can bring to their mobile devices, both in terms of revolutionary image enhancement and battery life savings. The module comes with both pre-configured mobile processor and LCD interfaces that enable easy insertion into an existing hand-held device, so that developers can evaluate the technology in a real-world setting without making any significant engineering investment.

QuickLogic’s VEE technology creates a TV-quality viewing experience of visual media in mobile systems by adaptively enhancing image/video data in real time. Unlike typical global enhancements such as γ correction and content adaptive backlight control, VEE’s enhancements are context sensitive and adapt pixel by pixel. The technology adapts to changes in ambient light, giving developers an alternative to simply boosting the backlight intensity level for daylight viewing.

The VEE evaluation module incorporates an on-board ambient light sensor to allow testing of the technology’s ambient lighting response and adaptive control of the VEE image processing algorithm. It also includes a flash ROM to hold the VEE parameters that configure the CSSP for the specific LCD that it is connected to. An on-board switching regulator ensures that the module can run off the mobile device’s battery, regardless of operating voltage, enabling the evaluation of VEE’s positive impact on battery life.

The VEE evaluation module is available immediately for customers considering adoption of VEE technology in their mobile product designs. Furthermore, QuickLogic will configure the VEE evaluation module’s initial display parameters for easy integration, based on a user’s LCD display specifications.

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