MacGregor installs automated welding line for sensors

Microelectronics International

ISSN: 1356-5362

Article publication date: 18 April 2008



(2008), "MacGregor installs automated welding line for sensors", Microelectronics International, Vol. 25 No. 2.



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MacGregor installs automated welding line for sensors

Article Type: Industry news From: Microelectronics International, Volume 25, Issue 2.

MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd has recently installed an automated assembly system used by a customer for manufacturing miniature sensor modules for use in analyser equipment.

To meet the requirements MacGregor Welding Systems was required to design and build a complete turn key solution, capable of handling small components and welding metallic connector ribbons onto small wire pins.

A high level of accuracy is required to ensure correct assembly and to attain this, a series of electrical and pneumatic actuators are used with matching controllers. These are supplied with position feedback data to ensure precise micro welding of two strips of metallic ribbons onto a pair of small pins on the sensor module, and a second onto a connector block.

This installation builds on Suffolk- based MacGregor Welding Systems' in-house expertise for the design and build of both bespoke and standard micro joining equipment.

The order for an automated assembly system to manufacture miniature sensors uses the company's top of the range DC linear technology, which has been designed specifically for bespoke micro joining solutions.

MacGregor Welding Systems' latest automation order coincidentally coincides with the development by the company of the M1 a new entry level range of machines. This addition now enables the company to cover all customer applications, from a basic stand-alone solution to fully- automated systems.

The M1 is a compact, lightweight power supply range aimed at providing superior technology, at an affordable price. Offered in a choice of two different power supplies, they both provide closed loop control with embedded monitoring and are an ideal for a wide range of applications.

Its entry level model is the M1-10, which uses linear technology and is especially suitable for precision low- current applications including gold ribbon welding, micro circuits, solar cell assembly, critical sensor and general component welding.

The bigger and complementary M1-40 is designed for higher current applications. Offering up to 4,000 A HFDC, it provides the ultimate in precision joining and is an excellent replacement for capacitor discharge machines. Ideal for welding miniature contacts, battery packs, automotive electronics, wire and lead termination, detonator and bridge wire, lamp components and numerous related items, it is expected to prove popular with a wide cross-section of industries.

Both M1 models are easy to programme, can pre-store welding settings, offer single and dual pulse modes and can operate on single phase input power between 95 and 260 VAC.

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