Avago Technologies introduces ultra-compact input device with multi-mode linear and 2D navigation for handheld, and ultra-miniature PC applications

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Article publication date: 1 January 2008



(2008), "Avago Technologies introduces ultra-compact input device with multi-mode linear and 2D navigation for handheld, and ultra-miniature PC applications", Microelectronics International, Vol. 25 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2008.21825aad.004



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Avago Technologies introduces ultra-compact input device with multi-mode linear and 2D navigation for handheld, and ultra-miniature PC applications

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Avago Technologies introduces ultra-compact input device with multi-mode linear and 2D navigation for handheld, and ultra-miniature PC applications

Innovative input solution combines five- way rocker and scrollwheel functionality with two analog cursor control modes to provide mouse-like pointing solution.

Böblingen, Germany, 24 October 2007 – Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced a thin ultra-compact innovative input device solution that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface integrated circuit (IC) to provide a mouse-like pointing solution for use in a variety of mobile devices. Typical applications include mobile phones, ultra-miniature PCs, digital still cameras, computer peripheral and other handheld and gaming applications. With a low-profile height of 1.7mm and diameter of 14mm, this new ultra-compact navigation pad from Avago incorporates a self centering button with click function. Based on embedded capacitive sense technology, this miniature input module will enable designers to develop input devices for mobile devices that can greatly enhance the user's experience by providing analog cursor control for web browsing, gaming or digital camera applications.

Avago's latest input device solution combines its AMRT-1410 Ultra- Compact Navigation Pad Module and AMRI-2000 Mobile Navigation Sense and Interface IC. The AMRT-1410 incorporates a self centering snap-on button, which can be customized to meet industrial design requirements, with an integrated click function in an ultra-compact package. The AMRI- 2000 IC enables the input module to operate either as a four- or eight-way switch with scrollwheel functionality or as an analog mouse or joystick to provide end-users with new and unique navigation experiences such as rapid scrolling and panning of menus and long lists, mouse-like navigation of web pages, drag and drop operations, as well as analog joystick-like control to make mobile gaming more enjoyable. In addition, with the capacitive sense technology incorporated into this input device solution, bare skin contact is not required for operation of the navigation pad module. As a result, end-users will have the added benefit of being able to operate the input device while wearing gloves.

The operating mode of the AMRT- 1410 and AMRI-2000 input device solution can be dynamically reconfigured to provide the best user navigation experience for any active application. Moreover, the backward compatible digital switch mode with scroll function provides the user with a well-known interface for menu and list navigation. For example, the navigation pad can function as an analog joystick for a gaming application, as a digital four-way switch with scrollwheel functionality for menu navigation and phonebook or MP3 list scrolling, and as a mouse for web page navigation and image manipulation.

“This latest input device solution from Avago addresses the need in the market for an ultra-compact, small form factor advanced analog input device that can provide joystick or mouse-like cursor navigation with an integrated select button for mobile and handheld devices,” says Khin-Mien Chong, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Input Device Operations, Avago Technologies. “The unique arrangement of this input device solution with its centre button supports single handed operation including drag and drop functionality. In addition, the input module provides backward compatible digital rocker switch modes including scrollwheel functionality for ease of first time use.”

Avago's AMRT-1410 and AMRI- 2000 provides designers with an input module that provides tactile feedback for intuitive use, an integrated tactile click, and a capacitive sensor IC. The IC interfaces to the host over an I2C- compatible or SPI serial bus. Moreover, this IC was designed specifically for low-battery power operation and includes programmable auto wake-up power saving modes to conserve power and extend battery life.


1 Ultra-Compact form factor: 1.7mm height (min.) by 14mm diameter (not including mounting tabs).

2 3608 navigation.

3 Digital navigation mode for backward compatibility (four- way/eight-way rocker switch emulation with vertical/horizontal scrollwheel capability).

4 Over 2,000 dpi resolution with AMRT puck module.

5 Superior tactile response.

6 Customizable snap on button.

7 Touch sensor for automatic sleep modes.

8 Electrical connection to pad module is not required.

9 Up to 250Hz screen update rate.

10 Dual 2.8V (min 2.5V) and 1.8V supply voltage.

11 1.8V I/O voltage.

12 Power consumption:

• 1.75μW operating power (using built in auto power safe mode);

• 150μW standby power with wake on motion; and

• <10μW power in shutdown mode.

13 Two-wire serial interface or four- wire SPI interface.

14 Pb-free and restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant.


Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago's direct sales channel.

Avago input device solutions

Avago Technologies was the first in the industry to provide an innovative input device module that incorporates a five-way rocker switch with scrollwheel emulation, mouse and joystick navigation. Avago's family of innovative state-of-the-art miniature input devices includes the industry's slimmest scrollwheels and navigation pads that provide a uni- and multi-dimensional navigation experience for scrolling, cursor selection and control in a variety of portable electronic handheld applications. Based on embedded capacitive sense and innovative reflective optical technologies, Avago's input devices allow designers to develop next generation mobile and handheld applications that appeal to the needs of end-users' who want products that incorporate innovative aesthetic features and ease of use. Avago's input devices are robust, competitively priced and can be customized to meet the design requirements and application needs of customers. More information about Avago's input device solutions is available at: www.avagotech.com/inputdevices

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