IPC market research studies on strategies for global expansion and microelectronics

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 28 December 2007



(2007), "IPC market research studies on strategies for global expansion and microelectronics", Microelectronics International, Vol. 25 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2007.21825aab.003



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IPC market research studies on strategies for global expansion and microelectronics

Industry news

IPC market research studies on strategies for global expansion and microelectronics

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries® has announced that its executive market forum has commissioned two leading industry research firms to conduct in-depth market studies on strategies for global expansion and microelectronics.

BPA Consulting of Dorking, Surrey, UK, will research the conditions and outlook in key countries and regions around the world in order to develop a resource for companies making long- range plans for global and local expansion. The report entitled “Where in the World? A Geographic Guide to Investing for Long-Term Business Growth in the Electronic Interconnect Industry,” will identify and compare the key economic, social, legislative, educational, logistic and technical factors that influence the way in which these regions are developing. It will also cover what is happening in these locations in terms of infrastructure development, industry capability growth and investment by specific industry sectors, and will pinpoint the technological and market “hot spots” throughout the world for each industry sector.

The second study, “Microelectronics: The Future of Miniaturization and its Impact on Electronics Manufacturing,” is being conducted by Prismark Partners of Cold Spring Harbor, NY. The report will cover the technology needs, challenges and opportunities that the trend toward miniaturization presents to all segments of the electronics interconnect industry. It will assess the drivers of miniaturization and related end-product trends, as well as new and evolving technologies that miniaturization is driving, such as embedded components, high-density interconnect and connector types. The report will explain where these technologies apply and where they are headed.

New research being conducted for this study will focus on three major end- product industries – personal computers, hand-held electronics, and infrastructure equipment for the datacom/telecom industry – and will address the leading original equipment manufacturers' technology roadmap requirements.

Furthermore, the study will discuss the impact of miniaturization on the supply chain and how it will drive certain technology and business shifts. It will also offer a forecast of future technology needs and market opportunities for all segments of the interconnect industry.

Highlights from these two studies will be presented at the Executive Market Forum's conferences, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the findings with the studies' authors. Executive Market Forum members will receive the complete reports on these studies at no charge. Other IPC members may purchase the reports for $2,000 for a single user or $2,500 for a site license.

The non-member costs are $4,000 (single user) and $5,000 (site license). To purchase these studies, visit: www.ipc.org/onlinestore after November 1.

For information about the studies or IPC's Executive Market Forum, contact Sharon Starr, IPC Director of Market Research at: Tel: +1 847 597 2817 or E-mail: SharonStarr@ipc.org

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