All Universal ZIF test sockets from Aries Electronics' now RoHS-compliant

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Article publication date: 31 July 2007



(2007), "All Universal ZIF test sockets from Aries Electronics' now RoHS-compliant", Microelectronics International, Vol. 24 No. 3.



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All Universal ZIF test sockets from Aries Electronics' now RoHS-compliant

All Universal ZIF test sockets from Aries Electronics' now RoHS-compliant

Aries Electronics, an international manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, today announced its entire line of universal zero insertion force (ZIF) test sockets are now RoHS compliant.

Aries offers four types of universal RoHS-compliant ZIF test sockets: DIP ZIF, PGA ZIF, PLCC ZIF and SOIC ZIF. These universal ZIF sockets accept all package sizes regardless of the row- to-row dimensions and pin counts of any individual package. And, because no force is required to insert or remove a component from the socket, the legs remain straight and undamaged after insertion.

The RoHS-compliant universal DIP ZIF test sockets can be soldered into PCBs or plugged into any socket. Their contacts are normally closed to eliminate dependence on plastic, which helps to sustain contact. Also, the socket handle can be configured with closed contacts when in the up or down position and can be mounted on the right or left side. Boasting a life cycle of 25,000-50,000 cycles, these DIP ZIF sockets are available in pin counts of 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 42, 44 and 48.

The contacts on PGA ZIF test sockets are activated by a strong metal cam, and the handle can be placed on the left or right side. These sockets are available in a grid size of 13 x 13, 15 x 15, 17 x 17, 19 x 19 or 21 x 21, plug into standard PGA sockets and have a contact current rating of 1Å.

Aries' Universal PLCC ZIF test socket is sold with “insert plates” that allow the socket to accept PLCC pin counts of 20, 28, 32, 44, 52, 68 and 84. PLCC devices are inserted in the socket “live bug” style (pins down). The socket contains a “bed” of contact pins that are terminated in solder tail pins that mount to the customer's PCB. This socket has a life cycle of 10,000 insertions.

The Universal SOIC ZIF test socket accepts all gull-wing and J-lead SOIC devices up to 44 pins, has an optional device lifter for easy package removal, and has an operating temperature of 257°F (125°C).

Aries will continue to offer the standard non-RoHS compliant version of these sockets for customers who require tin/lead plating. All Aries' test sockets are available in custom materials, platings, sizes and configurations to suit specific customer applications.

Pricing for a 40 pin DIP RoHS- compliant socket starts at $12.00. Delivery is ten working days ARO.

For additional information, contact Aries Electronics, Inc., P.O. Box 130, Frenchtown, NJ 08825. Tel: 908/996- 6841; Fax: 908/996-3891; E-mail:; Web site:; Europe contact Tel: +44 870 240 0249; E-mail:

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