Avago Technologies launches next-generation millimetre-wave integrated circuit devices

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Article publication date: 31 July 2007



(2007), "Avago Technologies launches next-generation millimetre-wave integrated circuit devices", Microelectronics International, Vol. 24 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2007.21824cad.005



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Avago Technologies launches next-generation millimetre-wave integrated circuit devices

Avago Technologies launches next-generation millimetre-wave integrated circuit devices

Avago Technologies have announced a comprehensive line of millimetre-wave MMICs designed for next-generation communication networks. The company is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. Offering superior linearity, Avago's new series of millimetre-wave products include power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, general purpose amplifiers, mixers and multipliers. Available in “bare die” or surface mount packaging, these MMICs are optimized to provide design flexibility and faster time to market for designers of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint type wireless communication infrastructure applications.

All of Avago's next generation millimetre-wave MMICs are available in a 5×5mm surface mount package or in chip, making the product easy to store, manage and integrate. The MMICs support a wide range of radio bands and deliver industry-high performance levels. Additionally, Avago leverages its own mass manufacturing expertise obtained from its wireless handset operations to reliably deliver high-quality MMIC products in high-volume amounts.

New to the Avago family are the following:

  • AMMC/P-6408 power amplifier: 6-18GHz, a broad band 1W power amplifier. The MMIC is optimized for linear operation with an output 3rd order intercept point (OIP3) of 38dBm. The AMMC/P-6408 operates from a 5 V bias at 650mA.

  • AMMC-6550: image reject mixer, 15-50GHz, supports a wide range of radio bands with 20dBm image rejection ratio. It operates from a 0.4V bias with almost zero current consumption.

  • AMMC/P 6545 mixer: Sub- harmonic pumped mixer, supports 18-45GHz with the injected LO at half of that frequency required by conventional mixer plus low- conversion loss of 12dB.

  • AMMC/P-6222/6232 high linearity low-noise amplifier: 7-32GHz feature best in class linearity of 29dBm for superior network coverage, high-gain of 25-27dB and low-noise figure of 2.3-2.8dB.

  • AMMC/P-6522/6532 multi- function LNA/image reject mixers: support 7-34GHz. A broadband integrated receiver with NF 2.5dB and image suppression of 15dBm. Ideal for cost effective alternative to multi-chip solution that have higher loss and complex assembly.

  • AMMC/P-6421 power amplifier: 10-18GHz, provides P1dB of 30dBm at frequency range of 12- 16GHz with 23dB gain. The AMMC/P-6421 operates from a single 5V bias at 500mA.

  • AMMC/P-6333 driver amplifier 17- 33GHz, features a high gain of 22dB at 4V and high linearity of 23dBm at 4V. The AMMC/P-6333 operates from a single voltage supply of 4V at 290mA.


With the exception of the AMMC/P- 6333/6421/6532 devices, products are available now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners. Avago's AMMC/ P-6333/6421/6532 will be available in Q3'07.

Additional products that will be available later this year include: AMMP-6425: 1W Power amplifier, 18-28GHz; AMMP-6430: 1W Power amplifier, 27-32GHz; and AMMP- 5024 Wide band amplifier, 30kHz- 40GHz.

For more details, contact: www.avagotech.com/rf.

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