New hall effect sensors from Hamlin

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "New hall effect sensors from Hamlin", Microelectronics International, Vol. 21 No. 3.



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New hall effect sensors from Hamlin

New hall effect sensors from Hamlin

Keywords: Sensors, Magnetic devices

Hamlin Electronics has introduced a new Hall Effect mini-vane sensor to its range of magnetic sensing products. Because it uses non-optical sensing technology, it is immune to the effects of dust, dirt or extraneous light sources-but provides a high-speed output.

The Hamlin 55085 has the sensor and magnet contained in a single housing with a base size of only 28 mm × 9 mm. The sensor is activated whenever the ferrous vane passes through a sensor slot and provides an extremely fast switching rate of up to 10 kHz. Because the sensor is solid state it does not suffer from mechanical wear and is unaffected by harsh environments.

The unit which is reverse and over voltage protected, has built-in temperature compensation and is ideal for applications such as position, angle, limit and shaft rotation sensing, security systems, linear actuators and magnetic encoders.

The sensor can be directly soldered into a PCB and can be further secured using the two 3.25 mm diameter fixing holes. This robust product has a rated operating temperature ranging between −40 and +100°C.

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