Telelog reduces cash drain from climate change levy

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(2004), "Telelog reduces cash drain from climate change levy", Microelectronics International, Vol. 21 No. 2.



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Telelog reduces cash drain from climate change levy

Telelog reduces cash drain from climate change levy

Keywords: Climatic protection, Monitors

The Pulsar Telelog from Jekyll Electronic Technology is the latest stand alone data logger with integral industrial modems for efficient automated utility metering and plant control monitoring. With this unit, companies are able to closely monitor their energy usage, to reduce costs following the recent introduction of the Government's Climate Change Levy.

Businesses have seen a rise in energy tax following introduction of the climate change levy. Most organisations qualify for only limited discounts because of the difficulties in defining precisely where energy is being used and the complex reporting involved. Conventional meter installations normally monitor usage as a whole, so the only realistic way of gaining discounts is to split the site into specific areas of function, then submeter each area accordingly.

With the Pulsar Telelog, Automated Meter Reading (AMR), tasks from conventional electromechanical utility meters that generate "pulse" can be scheduled for remote and sub metering environments. Four pulse counting inputs are available for electricity, gas, heat, and water meters (if required), and pulse counting periods from 1min to 24 h can be set, to gain information on energy usage trend and improved data analysis.

There is a choice of factory fitted modems, from the "zero power" option for true remote metering via the telephone line, to the new GSM version that sends data directly to a mobile phone, pager, or mobile laptop. Data downloads via a simple local RS232 network are also possible. Jekyll's "Remote Manager" software is also supplied, for a quick and easy Telelog set-up, remote Diagnostics, and data collection into familiar Microsoft® packages for flexible reporting.

Alarm Telelog is the next model in the range, capable of sending SMS text messages of energy/ monitoring alarm conditions to a mobile unit for immediate intervention. This improves resource allocation, so that monitoring crews are only alerted when alarm conditions arise.

Submetering is one way in which companies can remain efficient by monitoring their energy usage closely. The number of meters involved here means that AMR is a more viable alternative than manual reading. Electronic meters are often expensive, with no universal standard interface between the leading makes. The only universally compatible output from conventional electromechanical meters such as gas, electricity or heat, remains "pulse". Jekyll has designed the Telelog with such needs in mind, and is able to discuss customer applications on an individual basis.

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