Cognex introduces prober retrofit kit for wafer ID

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 April 2004




(2004), "Cognex introduces prober retrofit kit for wafer ID", Microelectronics International, Vol. 21 No. 1.



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Cognex introduces prober retrofit kit for wafer ID

Cognex introduces prober retrofit kit for wafer ID

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Cognex, the world's leading supplier of wafer ID readers, have announced the availability of the In-Sight 1700 Series Prober Retrofit Kit. The easy- to-install retrofit kit features the industry-leading In-Sight 1700 Series wafer readers, which read alphanumeric and 2D matrix codes for the purpose of tracking wafers through the production process. The kit comes complete with all hardware, software, and installation instructions needed for easy installation.

The enhanced code reading and networking capabilities of the In-Sight 1700 wafer readers can benefit the entire FAB by increasing prober performance and useful life for a greater return on investment. The 1700 wafer reader's advanced algorithms and by reducing no-.: reads on hardmarked, softmarked, or even super- softmarked codes that have been degraded by process effects. What is more, the ability to read new compact code standards – while still being able to read older bar codes – enhances prober versatility.

In-Sight 1700 wafer readers provide a single- unit design that integrates processor, optics, and lighting in a compact package expressly designed for the limited space on wafer probers. The 1700 reads all coding standards, including the latest SEMI M1.15 2D matrix and alphanumeric codes, on the front or backside of a wafer.

In-Sight 1700 Series readers provide fully integrated Ethernet communication. This facilitates migration to a modular, expandable network of readers within a wafer FAB for remote set-up, data access, and process monitoring on the test floor.

An Ethernet display adapter provides access to the 1700 operator interface and allows users to view the image and user interface on a shared prober display or on a separate monitor without adding a separate PC. The display adapter also allows the ID system to save read results and statistics, as well as images of no reads. This data storage simplifies the linking of real-time ID information with yield management and work- inprocess control software, allowing process feedback to improve wafer FAB yields.

The In-Sight 1700 Series Prober Retrofit Kit will begin shipping in the second half of 2003 and comes complete with step by step documentation that covers hardware installation, software settings, and communications.

More information is available from the Cognex online Web site:

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