Note from the publisher

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 April 2003



(2003), "Note from the publisher", Microelectronics International, Vol. 20 No. 1.



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Note from the publisher

Emerald developments – 2003

The Emerald Research Register -

The Emerald Research Register is open to all, with priority entry onto the register for Literati Club members. Our aims are:

  • to create a meeting place for researchers to find collaborators for their research projects,

  • to help researchers learn from others,

  • to facilitate sharing of information with other researchers in similar and different fields,

  • to help researchers gain peer recognition by publicising their work in progress,

  • to link researchers’ work in progress to editors and publishers,

  • to publicise the work of individuals, departments and associations,

  • to provide a central source of information and papers on good practice in research, and

  • to act as a source of information on research funding.

As part of our commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and information, the Emerald Research Register provides an online forum for the circulation of pre-publication information on research studies worldwide. We aim to help researchers gain advanced recognition among their peers by publicising their work at the earliest possible opportunity.

Member benefits

The Emerald Research Register can be used:

  • to identify types of research already under way, e.g. theoretical, applied research, case study,

  • to identify areas where further research is needed,

  • to ensure that you are not duplicating research already under way,

  • to identify possible sources of funding for research,

  • to identify possible research methodologies,

  • to identify peers for collaborative research projects, and

  • to track the history of research in a subject area.

You have the opportunity:

  • to become a featured researcher – have your research tracked at each stage of its development from conception to publication,

  • to receive the Literati Club newsletter, and

  • to access a catalogue of potential funding bodies.

Emerald Research Register Members are entitled to:

  • Fast-track publication – selected abstracts will be published in one or more of our journals.

  • Regular Literati Club news.

  • Call for papers alert.

  • Interest area e-mail alert service.

  • Catalogue of potential funding bodies.

  • An online collection of articles on research methodologies.

  • Increased profile and dissemination.

Emerald Literati editing service

As an international publisher, Emerald is committed to publishing a wide range of papers reflecting a truly diverse global representation of research. However, we also acknowledge that not all papers submitted for publication are given the due consideration they deserve due to poorly written english.

Emerald values its authors extremely highly. We feel not enough publishers help their non-English speaking authors to achieve their full potential in terms of assisting them to get their work published.

With this in mind, we are very proud to introduce a new feature of the Literati service to authors. It is primarily but not exclusively aimed at those authors whose first language is not English. We have carefully selected (by assessing a sample of work and obtaining references) various editors whose skills are of high enough quality that we are willing to advocate them on our Web site. These editors have extensive experience in either the business and management or scientific and technical fields.

For more information, please see

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