IMAPS announces program for Nano Systems workshop

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 December 2002




(2002), "IMAPS announces program for Nano Systems workshop", Microelectronics International, Vol. 19 No. 3.



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IMAPS announces program for Nano Systems workshop

Keywords: IMAPS, Nanotechnology

IMAPS has announced the program for the 4th Advanced Technology Workshop (ATW) on Packaging of MEMS and Related Micro Integrated Nano Systems, to be held at The Adam's Mark Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA, September 6–8, 2002. The event is sponsored by IMAPS in conjunction with the IMAPS 2002 Symposium – Denver.

A sampling of the content of the sessions follows;

  • Session 1 includes presentations such as "Micromachining technology for enabling system-in-a-package", by R. Huang, C. Lee, and M. Lin, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc., Taiwan; and "MEMS integrated into mainstream IC processes", by R. Markunas, P. Enquist, and T. Connolly, Ziptronix, Inc.

  • Session 2 will include "Integrated nanotechnologies: putting small things to work", by T. Michalske, and A. Romig, Sandia National Laboratories; and "MEMS- based microsystem packaging requirements" by J. Custer, Sandia National Laboratories.

  • Session 3 will includes "PCB MEMS or RF and other tunable devices" by K. Lian, M. Eliacin, A. Kaul, J. Liu, R. Lempkowski, T. Klosowiak, R. Desai, M. Chason, Motorola- ATC; and "MEMS devices in printed circuit board technology", by R. Dean, L. Thomas, S. Tully, and B. Farwell, Auburn University.

  • Session 4 presentations will include "packaging for MEMS devices – A Wafer- Level CSP approach", by E. Jung, M. Wiemer, V. Grosser, K. Bock, and J. Wolf, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany; "MEMS 0-Level packaging using thin-film Poly-SiGe Caps" by C. Rusu, A. Verbist, B. Parmentier, and A. Witvrouw, IMEC, Germany; and "Pressure sensors built in low temperature co-fired ceramic materials", by A. Moll, D. Plumlee, H. Ackler, and A. Paris, Boise State University.

  • Session 5, a special session focusing on application-specific packaging, will include "Miniaturized fuel cell arrays for portable power using printed circuit technology" by S. Lee, S. Cha, T. Fabian, R. O'Hayre, and F. Prinz, Stanford University; "Wafer level packaging of DMD™ devices" by V. Lopes, J. Ehmke, P. Harrism and I. Kmecko, Texas Instruments, Inc.; and "Packaging field emission array for electron gun applications" by R. Schueller, Extreme Devices Inc.; and more.

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