BTUS new Pyramax reflow systems lowers cost of ownership

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Article publication date: 1 April 2002




(2002), "BTUS new Pyramax reflow systems lowers cost of ownership", Microelectronics International, Vol. 19 No. 1.



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BTUS new Pyramax reflow systems lowers cost of ownership

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BTU Europe has introduced two new reflow systems – The Pyramax 150 and 98, in addition to the established and cost effective VIP 70 system. (Plate 5)

The BTU Pyramax range offers two systems – the Pyramax 150 incorporating a 150" heated length and 10 controlled heated zones and the Pyramax 98 incorporating a 98" heated length and seven controlled heated zones. Developed to criteria set by the world's largest EMS producers, the Pyramax provides a higher operating temperature for lead-free reflow, increased flexibility, reduced gas consumption and maintenance together with improved ergonomics. Radical changes in design and manufacturing technologies enable BTU to provide the fastest order to shipment time of any oven in the market.

The Pyramax's maximum operating temperature of 35O°C makes it ideal for the higher temperatures required for lead-free reflow, whilst a 24-inch processing capability and easier configuration provides greater flexibility.

Improved ergonomics encompass easily accessible frame construction with front access to key maintenance points. A lower profile height provides improved visibility and a sliding panel arrangement eliminates swing out panels which previously obstructed aisles. The improved ergonomics combined with reduced gas consumption has “in field”, produced a 75% reduction in preventative maintenance during 24 hour/7 day operation.

As with aIl BTU ovens, the Pyramax features the proprietary Flux Management System to remove flux residue from the process chamber which now incorporates a new electronic maintenance procedure assistant, easier access to filtration and trap arrangement together with hot zone re-circulation to minimize condensation.

The BTU remote water cooling arrangement moves the cooling media away from the process chamber to a central cooling system under the oven frame where it can easily be accessed during maintenance. Sliding drawers allow easy access and cleaning and the cooling section now features a new clamshell construction, similar to the heated section.

BTU's forced impingement convection technology directs hot gas to board surfaces at a fast and forceful rate to achieve effective heat transfer. The system employs blower plenum modules housing a blower, heating element and gas distribution located above and below the conveyor belt in each heated zone. Gas is drawn into the chamber where it is heated and then forced out through a perforated plate under static pressure developed within the module. High-velocity "cones" of heat created under this pressure then impinge upon the surface of the printed circuit boards as they pass through the oven.

Process consistency and repeatability is offered via an optional closed loop convection system which transmits pressure measurements to the system controller to automatically adjust blower speeds and pressure controls.

For further information, please contact: BTU Europe, Tel: +44(0)1252 660010 Fax: +44(0)1252 660011

Plate 5

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