How to get the best from your Emerald subscription

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Article publication date: 1 April 2002



(2002), "How to get the best from your Emerald subscription", Microelectronics International, Vol. 19 No. 1.



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How to get the best from your Emerald subscription

If you are reading this then the chances are that you or your organisation/institution are a subscriber to Microelectronics International. But, are you using your electronic entitlement?

Whatever the level of subscription, Emerald delivers the following access features:

  • Academic Institution wide license offering unrestricted, concurrent, multi-user access

  • Seamless IP-based authentication

  • Additional username and passwords for remote access

  • ATHENS authentication for remote access

With Emerald you have content that is second to none and a search engine that is tailor-made to enable time-pressed practitioners, researchers and students to locate the articles that best meet their requirements. You can search through 8 years of content using a whole range of search criteria such as keywords, author and article title. If you prefer browsing, you can do this on an issue by issue basis.

In addition to the articles including archive, the non-article content of our journals (industry round- up, new products and materials etc) is available online, so that it can be accessed by users simultaneously. It is possible to browse or search by keyword, allowing users to keep up to date with everything that is happening in their specific subject areas.

Visit to access the electronic element of your subscription.

Emerald Alert provides personal e-mail notification of new articles published online, ensuring that users are kept up to date with the latest research. Emerald Alert includes:

  • TOC (Table of Contents) of any chosen journal

  • Weekly/Monthly Digests

  • Saved Search Alert options

For further information and to register please log onto

While Emerald is designed to be very easy to use, we do, of course, offer full on-screen help and the services of a technical helpdesk - in fact everything you need to get started and to use your electronic access to best effect. For more information visit the Emerald web site at or contact Emerald Customer Support at

Literati Club – the benefits of writing for Microelectronics International

In addition to achieving wide dissemination of your work by publishing with Emerald, our author relations service – the Literati Club - provides services and support for those authors who publish with an Emerald journal. It is a tangible expression of commitment by a publisher to its authors and Editors - we offer support and resources for all Emerald contributors worldwide.

The Literati Club offers the following benefits:

  • A 'thank-you' to outstanding Authors and Editors

The Literati Club hosts an annual Awards for Excellence, which celebrates outstanding contributors among Club Members in the following categories:

  • Best Paper Award for each participating journal

  • Editor of the Year

  • Leading Editor Awards

  • Research Fund Awards

  • Regular Literati Club Newsline

All major developments occurring within the Literati Club and Emerald as a whole are reported and guidance is given on publishing, writing and editing.

  • Liberal copyright principlesEmerald seeks to retain copyright of the articles it publishes, without the author giving up their rights to use their own material. This enables users to

  • Work uncumbered in our development of electronic publications and their delivery to meet customer and end user needs and create maximum dissemination of author's work.

  • Protect our authors' moral rights and their work from plagiarism and other infringement

  • Recoup 100% of copyright fees from Reproduction Rights Organisations to reinvest in new initiatives (dependent upon 90% or more of copyrights being assigned to Emerald in 90% of journals)

  • Provide an efficient 'one-stop-shop' for permissions

  • Authors' CharterA unique Charter detailing your rights as a contributor to an Emerald journal.

  • Privileged personal subscriptions to home addressAny Literati Club Member may at any time take out a personal subscription to an Emerald journal at one-third of the published price for delivery to a home address.

  • Complimentary personal subscriptionYou will personally receive a complimentary subscription to any Emerald journal in your area of interest if your library takes out a full-price subscription.

  • Calls for papersAll Editors' calls for papers in your areas of interest and previous article keywords will be mailed or e-mailed to you personally.

  • Photocopying rightsYou are authorized to make up to 25 copies of any single article published by Emerald, without seeking prior permission, provided they are not for re-sale.

For further information about the Literati Club, please see For further information about how to submit material to Microelectronics International, please see

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