Intercept Technology brings design freedom to Mentor users

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(2001), "Intercept Technology brings design freedom to Mentor users", Microelectronics International, Vol. 18 No. 3.



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Intercept Technology brings design freedom to Mentor users

Intercept Technology brings design freedom to Mentor users

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Intercept Technology, Inc. introduces the Mentor Unplugged Series, a unique breakthrough that allows Mentor users to replace all or part of their design flow with Intercept products. By offering complete design flow freedom, Mentor Unplugged allows designers to determine when and where to use Intercept's advanced PCB/Hybrid/MCM design applications. The Mentor Unplugged Series facilitates seamless data transferral between the design environments, and the series' various levels of implementation provide Mentor users with much-needed design freedom and flexibility.

The series consists of a comprehensive collection of flexible intercept products, including Import LMS, Import DA, Import/Export BS, Import VBCAE, the DA Interface, MOZAIX, PANTHEON, and CONNEX. The series uses unidirectional translators and bi-directional, cross-probing interfaces, including the following:

  • Import LMS. Translates complete libraries produced using the Mentor Graphics Library Management System to an Intercept library format. This includes logic symbols, catalog files, mapping files, and geometries.

  • Import DA. Translates complete Design Architect schematic data to Intercept's advanced schematic capture application, MOZAIX. Import DA writes Design Architect schematic information to an intermediary ASCII file read by MOZAIX to reproduce each schematic sheet.

  • DA Interface. Supports forward and back annotation from PANTHEON to Design Architect. The translator also supports bi-directional cross-probing.

  • Import/Export BS. Translates Board Station databases into Pantheon databases and vice-versa. Import/Export BS reads or writes Board Station design files, including comps, pins, gates, nets, traces, and a geom_ascii file.

  • Import VBCAE. Translates complete VeriBest CAE schematic data into Intercept's advanced schematic capture application, MOZAIX.

  • VBCAE Interface. Currently under development, the VBCAE interface will support forward and back annotation from VeriBest CAE to PANTHEON. The interface will also support bi-directional cross-probing.

  • Import VBPCB. Currently under development, the Import VBPCB translator will convert a VeriBest PCB database into a PANTHEON database. The Import VBPCB translator will read or write VeriBest PCB design files, including comps, pins, gates, nets, traces, and a geom_ascii file.

The Mentor Unplugged Series allows Mentor users to transition to Intercept's superior PCB design software, including the front-end schematic capture application, MOZAIX; the highly-advanced layout software, PANTHEON; and CONNEX, Intercept's new advanced shape-based autorouter. These products combine with interfaces and translators to form a powerful product series that allows designers to take advantage of the industry's most advanced software with unhindered movement and complete flexibility.

The benefits of the Mentor Unplugged series are considerable, including enhanced design flexibility, and the use of superior PCB software with shorter time-to-market and increased product savings. Designers gain freedom and flexibility with quick, simple data translation across Mentor and Intercept environments at any point in the design process. Once the transition from Mentor to Intercept is complete, designers benefit from superior PCB/Hybrid/MCM applications that function in a single-window environment. This seamless product integration avoids time-consuming file transfers, greatly reducing the time-to-market and removing the risk of interface error.

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