Note from the publisher

Microelectronics International

ISSN: 1356-5362

Article publication date: 1 December 2001



(2001), "Note from the publisher", Microelectronics International, Vol. 18 No. 3.



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Note from the publisher

Emerald, the new name and vision for MCB UP Ltd

For 2002, the publisher of Microelectronics International will be changing its trading name from MCB UP Ltd to Emerald. You may wonder why? It is to reflect the success of our Emerald database – our electronic database which, along with much other material, contains current and archival content of this journal.

As a reader you will almost certainly know the Emerald name because electronic usage of the material contained in our journals has doubled every year since 1996 and the trend continues. During 2000, more than 5.5 million articles were delivered to users – that is over 16,000 articles every day.

But why are we telling you this? Well, partly to explain why this journal will look different in 2002 and why it will carry a new logo. We will be introducing a new logo and giving all our titles a new cover design for 2002 to reflect the Emerald brand. More importantly, however, frequently users of material published in our journals are also potential authors. So, if you are thinking of submitting an article for an Emerald journal in 2002 please be assured that you will have the full reach of the Emerald database on your side to ensure that your work reaches the widest, global audience.

Forthcoming volume

In 2002, Microelectronics International will continue to make an important contribution to the technical body of knowledge and expertise in this vital area. The design, manufacture, assembly and various applications of miniaturized electronic devices and advanced packages will be covered authoritatively, independently and internationally. You can look forward to the following areas being covered in the forthcoming volume:

  • Semiconductor technology.

  • Micro-circuit engineering.

  • Advanced packaging.

  • Ceramics.

  • Thin film.

  • Thick film.

  • Chip on board (COB).

  • Chip attachments.

  • Integrated circuits.

  • Multichip modules (MCM)s.

  • Chip scale packaging (CSP)

  • Ball grid array (BGA).

  • Land grid array (LGA).

  • Dieing.

  • Scribing.

Any questions or comments regarding this, or any other Emerald titles, are most welcome. Please contact

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