SEC develops work chucks for high temperature bonding

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "SEC develops work chucks for high temperature bonding", Microelectronics International, Vol. 17 No. 2.



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SEC develops work chucks for high temperature bonding

Keywords Semiconductor Equipment corporation, Bonding, High temperature

Semiconductor Equipment Corporation has developed two new work chucks for the device pick-up heads on the company's semiautomatic flip chip bonders for use in high temperature applications.

The two work chuck designs - one using the iron-nickel alloy InvarTM and the other silicon carbide - allows ramping up in 5 to 10 second increments to 5008°C and more with no damage to the chuck. At such temperatures, many metals and alloys used for chucks, conduct heat so quickly that material degradation such as corrosion sets in. Even when the chuck has been nickel plated, there is the potential for corrosion as the plating wears down. Stainless steel works fairly well at 500°C, but it takes a lot of energy before it changes temperature and then, once the desired temperature is reached, it is very difficult to take it out of the work chuck.

By using either Invar or the carbon-silicon compound in the work chuck for high temperature applications, SEC is able to circumvent these material degradation problems. According to the company, Invar does a good job in transferring heat in and out and (like stainless steel) is strong and resistant to oxidation. Also, it exhibits a fairly low coefficient of thermal expansion.

The new high temperature work chucks are available with SEC's Model 410 flip chip bonder and Model 860 Omni bonder.

For further information, please contact: Lester Salvatierra/SEC. Tel: 805-529-2293; Fax: 805-529-2193; E-mail:; Web site:

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