Expanded pupil microscope technology makes die bonding more efficient

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Expanded pupil microscope technology makes die bonding more efficient", Microelectronics International, Vol. 17 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2000.21817aad.003



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Expanded pupil microscope technology makes die bonding more efficient

Expanded pupil microscope technology makes die bonding more efficient

Keywords: Vision Engineering, Die bonding

Vision Engineering's expanded pupil microscopy technology has been harnessed to provide an ergonomic breakthrough in semiconductor die bonding machines (Plate 2). The manufacturers report that, combining Vision Cobra Expanded Pupil microscopes with Cammax Precima manual bonders dramatically reduces operator fatigue and stress, resulting in increased productivity, placement accuracy and reduced scrap. Similar benefits could apply to other areas of microtechnology.

Plate 2Cobra expanded pupil microscope mounted onto cammax precima wire bonder

Manual die bonding involves extensive microscope use - first to select and align the die from a gel or waffle pack, then to position it precisely on the workpiece. Use of conventional microscopes for prolonged periods causes eye and posture fatigue, leading to a progressive reduction in output and quality.

The solution is to replace traditional microscopes with expanded pupil optical systems - a technology developed by Vision Engineering. Here the optical ray bundle which enters the microscope and to which the eye has access is dramatically expanded, providing the operator with substantially better head freedom and eye relief. Furthermore, because operators can be further away from the viewing head, they can wear spectacles or contact lenses in comfort, giving greater accuracy and ease-of-use and resulting in increased output and a lower defect rate.

Such a solution is incorporated into the latest Cammax Precima Die Bonders. The package features a Cobra Expanded Pupil stereo system with zoom magnification from x6 to x 40, with optional enhancements to x160. Also included is adjustable 250W illumination by ringlight, a comprehensive fitting kit and a new optical wedge to ensure optimum viewing ergonomics.

Development of the integrated die bonder also involved consultation and trials with TWI in Cambridge which incorporates the new systems in its training packages.

Cammax Precima offers the new technology as a standard option with its adhesive and eutectic manual bonders. It can also be retrofitted to existing machines. Fitting and adjustment of the package is straightforward, with customer support reportedly available worldwide.

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