IMAPS EUROPE '99. 12th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition

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Article publication date: 1 August 1999



(1999), "IMAPS EUROPE '99. 12th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition", Microelectronics International, Vol. 16 No. 2.



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IMAPS EUROPE '99. 12th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition

IMAPS EUROPE '9912th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition

General information

Conference venueHarrogate International Conference Centre, King's Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire HG1 5LA, UK.

Conference secretariat12th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition, 42 Devonshire Road, Cambridge CB1 2BL, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1223 323437; Fax +44 (0)1223 460396; E-mail:;

Exhibition The exhibition will be located in Hall Q and will be open at the following times:Monday 7 June: 10.15-18.00Tuesday 8 June: 09.00-18.00Wednesday 9 June: 09.00-14.00

Technical programme Monday 7 June: 09.30-18.10Tuesday 8 June: 08.30-18.10Wednesday 9 June: 08.30-13.40

Tutorial coursesSunday 6 June: 09.30-17.00

COMPETE postersMonday 7 June: 14.00-18.10Tuesday 8 June: 08.30-18.35Wednesday 9 June: 08.30-13.40

Display and poster sessionsDisplays and posters will be on display at the following times:Monday: 14.00-18.00Tuesday: 09.00-18.00Wednesday: 09.00-14.00

Tutorial coursesThe following one day courses will be held on Sunday 6 June. Each course commences 09.30 and ends 17.00 and includes luncheon at 12.30.Course C1: "Introduction to wire bonding", Dr George G. HarmanCourse C2: "Introduction to sensor technologies", Dr Gabor HarsányiCourse C3: "Advanced materials and processes for microelectronics packaging", Martin Bartholomew

Conference at a glance

09.00-12.30 Tutorial registration09.30-12.30 Tutorial courses

  • "Introduction to wire bonding" by Dr George Harman

  • "Introduction to sensor technologies" by Dr Gabor Harsanyi

  • "Advanced materials and processes for microelectronics packaging" by Martin Bartholomew

12.00 Conference registration opens14.00-17.00 Tutorial courses continue18.30 Welcome reception

08.00 Conference registration09.30-10.15 Conference opening ceremony keynote lecture "Future in interconnect" by Guillaume d'Eyssautier ­ vice president IBM Microelectronics Europe11.00 Plenary session ­ Perspectives of industry12.30 Lunch14.00-15.40 Ceramics technologies, Sensor technologies and design16.30-17.20 Electronics and the environment, Sensor technologies and design16.30-18.10 Electronics and the environment ­ COMPETE panel session

08.00 Conference registration08.30-10.10 Environment sensors, Advanced packaging, Interconnection technology and interconnection10.50-12.30 Flip chip, packing and reliability, Direct chip attach design RF, wireless and optoelectronics12.30-14.00 Lunch14.00-15.40 Adhesives and soldering, quality and reliability, HF, RF and wireless16.30-17.20 Student display (14.40-15.40) Defenceand aerospace, HF, RF and wireless17.20-18.35 Defence and aerospace ­ COMPETE panel19.30 Reception and gala dinner

08.00 Conference registration08.30-10.10 Thermal and power solutions, Fabrications and processing11.00-12.40 Automotive and systems solutions, Solder and adhesives technologies12.50-13.40 Closing plenary session Best paper awards: Keynote "Packaging in Europe", Herbert Reichl

Tutorial course contents

An introduction to wire bonding

Course tutor: Dr George Harman

All fully paid attendees will receive a copy of Harman's new (second edition) book on wire bonding:

  • How ultrasonic bonds are formed: tools, mechanisms, effects.

  • Bonding wire issues: wire metallurgy, wire ageing, wire burn-out.

  • Wire bond testing: non-destructive pull, ball bond shear, thermal stress test for reliability.

  • Intermetallic compounds: gold-aluminium, Kirkendall voiding, early failures, impurity accelerated failures, reversing the bonded interface, non-Au-Al bonds (Cu-Al, Cu-Au, Al-Ni, Al-Ag), bonding to Pd plated leads and boards, reliability of various metallurgies, Au-Au bond improvements.

  • Bond failures from plating impurities: specific impurities, H2 gas problems, recommendations for reliable platings, metallic impurities not from the plating process.

  • Cleaning to improve bondability and reliability: plasma, UV-ozone, solvents, new H2-A plasma, reliability improvement, sensitivity to surface contamination.

  • Cratering in Si and GaAs: synergistic effects, detecting marginal cratering, GaAs cratering.

  • Mechanical problems in wire bonding: poor machine set up, cracks under heels of ultrasonic bonds, fatigue, accelerated vibrations and new long wire problems, power and temperature cycling effects.

  • High yield (6 sigma) and fine pitch bonding: approaching 50ppm defect levels, fine pitch (<< 80 microns), the SIA road map projections and how to get there.

  • Wire bonding in MCMs: MCM-C, MCM-L and MCM-D and hybrid circuits, "cupping" metal bond pads, soft (compliant) substrates (pad sinking), instituting ultrasonic delays to improve yield, optimising wire bonds for high frequency MCMs.

  • Comparisons between TAB and wire bonding: ball bumping of chips for TAB and flip chip.

George Harman, Fellow of US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Fellow of IEEE and IMAPS, published more than 45 papers. Eminent author and authority on wire bonding. Recipient of many distinguished awards.

All fully paid attendees will receive a copy of the course handouts

Introduction to sensor technologies

Course tutor: Dr Gabor Harsányi

  • Microelectronics sensor technologies and processing: silicon, ceramics, polymers.

  • Sensing: thermoresistive, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, chemical, etc.

  • Structures: impedance, calorimetric, fibre optic, electrochemical, etc.

  • Examples: acceleration, temperature, radiation, gas, pattern recognition, biosensors, and more.

  • Applications and markets.

Gabor Harsányi lectures on the topic of Sensor Technologies to professional groups around the world. He is a Fellow of IMAPS. He has built up a team of leading-edge researchers in sensor technologies at the Technical University of Budapest. The team can modify and process thick film materials to adapt them for particular applications.

Advanced materials and processes for microelectronics packaging

Course tutor: Martin Bartholomew

  • High performance die attach for COB and MCMs: processing and materials, reliability, comparisons of solders, adhesives and glasses, recent developments of thermoplastic and thermoplastic/thermoset blends.

  • Conductive adhesives for solder replacement: processing, reliability, recent test results, new approaches.

  • Glob-top encapsulation: processing, reliability, tests (THB and HAST), current materials (epoxies, silicones, polyimides, polyurethanes), future developments.

  • Underfilling technology: methods and materials, special requirements for reliability, novel approaches.

Martin Bartholomew has BSc in Materials Sciences and a Master's in Physics with a thesis on glob top encapsulation. He has extensive experience of semiconductor packaging through working with several major semiconductor manufacturers. He regularly presents lectures and papers at events worldwide.

Monday 7 June

Opening (09.30-10.15)Chairman: Peter Barnwell,Davide Roggia and James CookKeynote address: "Future in microelectronics interconnect"Guillaume d'Eyssautier, vice president, IBM Microelectronics, Europe

BREAK 10.15-11.00

Plenary Session ­ Perspectives of Industry (11.00-12.30)

Chairman: Peter Barnwell

Analysis of technology trends within theelectronics industry

D.J. Williams and Paul J. Palmer, Loughborough University, UK

The IMAPS ceramic substrate and interconnect roadmap

Paul Van Loan, IMAPS USA, USA

Networking packaging and interconnection ­ linking R&D with industry and start-ups in Europe

Jorge Vieira da Silva, COMPETE, Europe

LUNCH 12.30-14.00

Session 1: Ceramics technologies(14.00-15.40)

Chairmen: Karel Kurzweil andLeszek Golonka

New configuration of LTCC passive components

A. Dziedzicand L.J. Golonka, Institute of Microsystem Technology, Wroclaw University of TechnologyW. Mielcarek, Electrotechnical Institute, Poland

Behaviour and performances of buriedresistors in green tape

H. Thust, K.-H. Druee, E. Polzer, T. Thelemann and T. Kirchner, Technical University of IlmenauE. Polzer, Du Pont de Nemours GmbH, Germany

Cost trade-offs of constrained sintering of low temperature cofired ceramic

J.P. Page, D. Amey, R. Draudt and S. Horowitz,Du Pont Photopolymer and Electronic Materials, USAE. Polzer, GermanyJ. Cicognani, UKH. Kojo, Japan

A low loss LTCC technology, combined with photo-patterning processes for microwave applications

Q. Reynolds, Heraeus Materials Ltd, UKP. Barnwell, C. Sabo, M. O'Neill, Heraeus Inc., USAC. Modes, W.C. Heraeus GmbH, Germany

Session 2a: Sensor technologies and design (14.00-15.40)

Chairmen: Gabor Harsányi and Eric Beyne

Microsystems packaging roadmap for the next decade

J.M. Wilkinson, Technology for Industry Ltd, UK

Amperometric uric acid enzyme sensor

R. Dobay and G. Harsányi, Technical University of BudapestC. Visy, Attila József University, Hungary

High density thick film technology for sensor applications

D. Belavic and M. Pavlin, HIPOTM. Hrovat, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Preparation and applications of printed thick PZT films on different substrates

S. Leppavuori, H. Moilanen and A. Kruusing,University of Oulu, Finland

BREAK 15.40-16.30

Session 3: Electronics and the environment (16.30-18.10)

Chairmen: Karel Kurzweil andLeszek Golonka

Towards a Green 2000

K. Snowdon, Nortel Plc, UK

Microelectronics: rising to the environmental challenge!?

H.K. Charles, The Johns Hopkins University, USAN. Sinnadurai, TWI, UK

Environment and electronics ­ theory and practice

K. Stentoft, Danfoss Drives A/S, Denmark

Improved design life and environmentally aware manufacturing of electronics assemblies by lead-free soldering

M.R. Harrison and J.H. Vincent, GEC-MarconiMaterials Technology, UK

Session 2b: Sensor technologies and design (16.30-17.20)

Chairmen: Gabor Harsanyi and Eric Beyne

Modelling of MEMS packaging

G.L. Karlsen, SensoNorasa, Norway

The semi-flip-chip attachment of single or twin-chips silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors

J. Dziuban and K.P. Friedel, Institute of Microsystem Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

COMPETE Panel Session (17.20-18.10+)

"Cost analysis of innovative processes"

Tuesday 8 June

Session 4a: Advanced packaging and direct chip attach (08.30-10.10)

Chairmen: Peter Wilhelm and Jean Joly

Market and technology projections inmicroelectronics packaging: a map to the next millennium

C. Bauer, TechLead Corporation, USA

A new approach of flip chip on board technology using SMT compatible processes

S. Zhang, J. De Baets and A. Van Calster, ELIS/TFCG/IMEC, Belgium

Three-dimensional elastic-plastic analysis of wire sweep in semiconductor package

Y. Ohno and H. Matsuda, Kumamoto UniversityM. Todo and K. Takahashi, Kyushu University, Japan

Creating solder bumps for CSPs and BGAs using stencil printing technology

P. Coskina and H. Reichl, Technical University of BerlinK. Heinricht, L. Hoster, E. Jung, J. Kloeser andR. Aschenbrenner, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Germany

BREAK 10.10-10.50

Session 5a: Display presentations and prize students

Chairmen: Nihal Sinnadurai andSøren Nørlyng

Environment (display presentations)

Environmentally friendly patterning technology for MCM-L modules

B. Kovacs, Z. Illyefalvi-Vitéz, G. Harsányi,J. Pinkola and M. Ruszinkozi, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

Environmentally acceptable gold coating

J. Muller, R. Schmidt, H. Griese, M, Hannermann and K.H. Zuber, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Germany

Sensor technologies (display presentations)

Processing and characterisation of high quality (Pb, La) (Ti, Zr) O3 thick films

M. Kosec, J. Holc, B. Malic and M. Hrovat, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

The chemical sensors ­ new application of thick film technology

J. Krejci, I. Szendiuch and M. Pradka, Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic

Combining inorganic and organic gas sensors elements: a new approach for multicomponent sensing

M. Reczey, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

Ionic conductivity in thick zirconia ceramic layers

D. Urbanczyk, S. Konczak and K. Waczynski, Silesian Technical University, Poland

Interconnect (display presentations)

New aspects in modeling and simulation of PCB/MCM vias

P. Svasta, N. Codreanu and V. Golumbeanu, "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest,RomaniaZs Illyefalvi-Vitéz, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

Ultra fine thick film features in a broad range of electronic applications

R.D. Shipton, C.J. Robertson and D.R. Gray, ERA Technology, UK

Cofired photoimageable silver for 951 green tape

R. Draudt, M. Skurski, M. Smith, D. Amey,S. Horowitz and M. Champ, Du Pont Microcircuit Materials, USAE. Polzer, Germany

A new approach to rapid prototyping and tooling ­ the metal printing process

J.H. Ulvensoen, Sensonor ASA/NTNU, Norway

BREAK 10.10-10.50

Session 4b: Advanced packaging and direct chip attach (10.50-12.30)

Chairmen: Peter Wilhelm and Jean Joly

SUMMIT: applications for MCM-D technology with integrated passives, active structures and microBGA die attach

E. Chataigner, Dassault Electronique, FranceJ. Lopez Contreras, DICRYL, Spain

Precision dispensing of liquid encapsulants for smart cards

S.J. Adamson and D. Gibson, Asymtek, USA

High performance BGA and CSP packaging using copper plating on ceramic technology

L. Balents, D. Skoczylas and H. Dwyer, Zecal Corporation, USA

Flip-chip attachment in molded interconnect device using adhesive technology

A. Buijsman, H. van Noort, G. Lijten andW. Koenders, Philips Centre for Manufacturing Techniques, The Netherlands

LUNCH 12.30-14.00

Session 5b: Display presentations and prize students (10.50-12.40)

Chairmen: Selim Achmatowicz andZsolt Illyefalvi-Vitéz

Flip chip, packaging and reliability (display presentations)

Impact of potting on the reliability of power converters for outdoor applications

M. Meinhardt, J. Flannery, V. Leonavicius andC. O'Mathuna, PEI Technologies, Ireland

The evaluation of a novel polyurethane-based glob-top encapsulant

D.W. Smith and N. Mattey, DERAP.M. Bartholomew, D.J.J. Lowrie andM.J. Firmstone, Multicore Solders Ltd, UK

Informed decisions are critical when considering plastic encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) for defense systems

K.L. Stevens, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, USA

Improved thermal fatigue reliability of the flip chip assembly on the polymer stud grid array package

B. Vandevelde and E. Beyne, IMECJ. Van Puymbroeck and M. Heerman, Siemens LPT, Belgium

Silicon carbide reinforced aluminium forperformance microwave packages

J.P. Tondreault, Lockheed SandersR. Morgner, Balo PrecisionBirol Sonuparlak, PCC Advanced FormingTechnology, USA

RF, wireless and optoelectronics(display presentations)

Thermal and mechanical stress analysis of flip-chip interconnects for MM-wave packaging

L. Pattison, A. Boyle, A. Wong and D. Linton, The Queen's University of Belfast, UK

Efficient computer model of RF MCM including electromagnetic and non-linear effects

R.F. Milsom, N.J. Pulsford and M. de Samber, Philips Research Laboratories, UK

A practical chip-size IC packaging solution for portable and hand-held electronics

V. Solberg, Tessera Inc., USA

Optical tranceiver module based on GOS WDM coupler for 622 Mb/s applications

M. Magliocco, L. Cibinetto and M. Lenzi, Italtel, Photonic Unit, Italy

Session 5c: Display presentations (14.00-14.40)

Adhesives (display presentations)

UV ­ curable conductive adhesives for 3D-MID application

A. Batterman, Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Germany

Properties of joints realized by electrically conductive adhesives

P. Mach, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Effect of laser parameters on laser cleaning efficiency of flux residue in a flip chip process

Jicun Lu, Yuesheng Li and Xiangfu Zong, Fudan University, People's Republic of China

A solderjetting process for maskless water bumping

A. Baggerman, D. Schwarbach and N. Van Veen, Nederlande Phillips BV, The Netherlands

Session 5d: Student's display presentations (14.40-15.40)

Session 6a: Design and interconnection (08.30-10.10)

Chairmen: Flavio Cereda andIvan Szendiuch

Next generation integrated substrate with high density wiring and integral passives

V. Sundaram, G. White and R. Tummala, Georgia Institute of Technology, USAF. Liu, Fudan University, People's Republic of China

Passive distributed RF structures in MCM-D

P. Pieters, S. Brebels and E. Beyne, IMEC, Belgium

The constraints of vias and layers and their impact on PCB design strategy

P.J. Palmer and D.J. Williams, Loughborough University, UK

Fine-feature build-up board manufacturing technology

P. Fink and A. Griesinger, STP, GermanyN. Chandler and G. Panaghiston, MRC, UKM. Salagoity and C. Faure, Solectron, FranceC. Potamianos, Intracom, GreeceM. Hutton, BPA, UKJ. Barrett, NMRC, Ireland

BREAK 10.10-10.50

Session 6b: Design and interconnection (10.50-12.30)

Chairmen: Flavio Cereda andIvan Szendiuch

Multilayer high density interconnect flex

W. Chou, S. Beilin, H. Jiang, M. Lee,M. McCormack, M. Peters, Y. Takahashi andV. Wang, Fujitsu Computer Packaging Technologies, USA

Additive PCBs ­ reduced cost andenvironmental impact

R. Smith, Coates Electrographics, UK

Integration of a range of RF chip inductors in advanced printed circuit board technology

S. O'Reilly, M. Duffy and M. Fitzgerald, PEI Technologies, Ireland

Wafer scale CSP technology: design, substrate and manufacturing requirements

J. Muller, T. Haas and M. Harnack, Micro Systems Engineering GmbH, GermanyP. Chen, M. Johnson and T.G. Tessier, USA

LUNCH 12.30-14.00

Session 7: Quality and reliability(14.00-15.40)

Chairmen: Selim Achmatowicz andZsolt Illyefalvi-Vitéz

Whisker problem in the ultra-fine pitch circuits

M. Ishii, Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd, Japan

Failure load prediction of adhesion in ball grid arrays

A. Curley and K.J. Williams, School of Computer Science & Electronic Systems, Kingston University, UK

Mechanical reliability evaluation of BGA solder joints

U. Daya Perera, Nokia (UK) Ltd, UK

Design, fabrication and bumping of test chips for development of fine pitch flip-chiptechnologies

J. Vanfleteren, J. De Baets and A. Van Calster, IMEC/INTEC/TFCGG. Schols, Alcatel Microelectronics, BelgiumE. Jarvinen and A. Aintila, Picopak, Finland

Session 8a: HF, RF and Wireless(14.00-15.40)

Chairmen: Paul Collander andDavide Roggia

Multilayer glass-ceramic substrate and RF circuit design technology for mobile communication components

S. Tsukamoto, A. Kanda and S. Taga, NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd, Japan

Determination of the complex dielectric constant of commercial LTCC material by using 1-port and 2-port measuring methods

E. Kemppinen, Nokia TelecommunicationsS. Leppavuori, Oulu UniversityK. Kautio, Technical Research Centre, Finland

Low cost high performance microwave structures fabricated by advanced thick film techniques

B. Dziurdzia and M. Cie, The Research andDevelopment Centre for Hybrid Microelectronics and ResistorsS. Nowak, Technical University of Mining and MetallurgyW. Gregorczyk, Telecommunications Research Institute, Poland

H. Thust, Du Pont Deutschland GmbH

E. Polzer, Technical University of Ilmenau,Germany

Silicon MCM-D interconnections for high speed applications

C. Free and Ling Chen, Middlesex UniversityA. Hydes and A. Grantham, Defence Evaluation and Research AgencyC. Aitchison, Brunel University, UK

BREAK 15.40-16.30

Session 9: Defence and space(16.30-18.35)

Chairmen: Nihal Sinnadurai andSøren Nørlyng

Use of 3-D packaged dice with inorganicovercoating in harsh environments

C. Val, 3D PLUS, France

Innovative technology of packaging to use COTS components in unfavourableenvironments

M. Hie, Dassault Electronique, France

Evolution of lead coating materials duringlong-term storage

O. Maire, Association for Education and Research DevelopmentC. Munier, Aérospatiale, Louis-Blériot Corporate Research Centre, France

Use of microminiaturised parts in the Indian space programme

R. Rao, ISRO Satellite Centre, India

Radiation hardness assurance issues associated with COTS in JPL flight systems: the challenge of Europa

C. Barnes and A. Johnston, Jet PropulsionLaboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA

Session 8b: HF/RF and wireless(16.30-17.20)

Chairmen: Paul Collander andDavide Roggia

An S-band T/R module based on multilayer softboard and chip-on-board technology

R. Legtenberg, H. Brouzes, J.H. Mannak,E. Stegeman, B. van Zalk, H.G. de Vries, andJ. van Houten, Hollandse Signaalapparaten BV, The Netherlands

Ceramic solutions for cost savings in handsets

Dan Amey, Peter Barnwell, Ray Brown, Frank Gaughan, Sam Horowitz, Andy London, Rodd Novak, Don Slutz and Dave Wilcox, Ceramic Interconnect Initiative, USA

COMPETE Panel Session (17.20-18.35)

"Thermomechanical simulation: state-of-the-art in Europe and perspectives for evolution"

Wednesday 9 June

Session 10: Thermal and power solutions (08.30­10.10)

Chairmen: Vojtech Hermansk´y andHeinz Osterwinter

MCM-C substrates with integrally fabricated heat pipes

W. Kinzy Jones and M. Zampino, FloridaInternational University, USA

A clipless, pre-applied thermal interface solution for BGA heat sink attach

R. Hunadi, R. Wells and J. Sanders, Thermoset, Chemical Products Division, Lord Corporation, USA

Directionally bent alumina DBC substrates

J. Schulz-Harder, Curamik Electronics GmbH, Germany

Aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) for cost-effective thermal management and functional microelectronic packaging design solutions

M. Occhionero, Robert A. Hay, Richard W. Adams and Kevin P. Fennessy, Ceramics Process Systems, USA

Session 11: Fabrication and processing (08.30-10.10)

Chairmen: Flavio Cereda andIvan Szendiuch

Influence of various factors on lift-off in wave soldering

K. Suganuma, Osaka University, Japan

Development of an electroless redistribution process

A. Ostmann, Technical University of BerlinR. Aschenbrenner and H. Reichl, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Germany

Design rules influencing the use of heavyaluminium wire bonds

P. Byrne, J. Flannery, M. Meinhardt and P. Cheasty, PEI Technologies, Ireland

Multichip module and chip-on-boardwirebonding

H.K. Charles Jr, K.J. Mach, R.L. Edwards,S.J. Lehtonen and D.M. Lee, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

BREAK 10.10-11.00

Session 12: Automotive and systems solutions (11.00-12.40)

Chairmen: Vojtech Hermansk´y andHeinz Osterwinter

HDI substrate technology and electroless Ni/Pd/Au metal finish for electronic automotive applications

M. Bremond and D. Lambert, Bull SA, FranceA. Gabutti and M. Formato, Magneti MarelliP. Dovano, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Italy

Reliability of isotropic conductive adhesive joints to different surface and componentmetallizations in automotive applications

M. Tonvall, P. Haglund and J.-O. Andersson, Combitech Electronics AB, Sweden

Design considerations for automotive power assemblies

A. Moon, AB Automotive Electronics Ltd, UK

Implications of the use of FPGAs in bare die form for high density packaging applications

C. Truzzi and E. Beyne, IMEC, Belgium

Session 13: Solder and adhesives technologies (11.00-12.40)

Chairmen: Peter Wilhelm and Jean Joly

Palladium finished components and the impact on defect levels

C. Hunt, D. White, M. Dusek and M. Wickham, Centre for Materials Measurements and Technology, National Physical Laboratory, UK

Novel anisotropically conductive film for flip chip attach

M. Holloway, L. Scully and M. Ward, LoctiteRD & E, Ireland

Room temperature storable epoxy solder paste and epoxy flux for BGA/CSP fabrication

H. Diep-Quang, Litton Kester Europe, Germany

Low cost flip chip processing and reliability of fast flow, snap cure underfills

L. Crane and M. Konarski, Loctite Corporation, USAP. Houston and D. Baldwin, Georgia Institute of Technology

Closing plenary (12.50­13.40)

Chairman: Nihal Sinnadurai

12.50-13.20 "Packaging technologies in Europe"H. Reichl, NetPack, Europe (Germany)

13.20-13.40 Closing TPC Report and Best Paper Award

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