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Professional Literature

Selected Recent Journal Articles

Owing to providing current and timely information, this issue will only contain citations to relevant journal articles and no book titles. Books will be included in the next issue.

Ariadne 28ISSN: 1361-3197

  • See:"Scalable Vector Graphics for the Web".Monica Bonett, "Personalization of Web Services: Opportunities and Challenges".Alexis Weedon, "The Reading Experience Database Project".Andy Powell, "OpenResolver: A Simple OpenURL Resolver".

ASLIB ProceedingsVol. 53 No. 6, 2001ISSN: 0001-253X

  • Mike Thelwall, "Web Log File Analysis: Backlinks and Queries," pp. 217-23.Marinus Swaenepoel, Adeline DuToit and Pieter A. Van Brakel, "Management of Information Technology in Academic Information Services," pp. 224-37.

Charleston AdvisorVol. 3 No.1, July 2001ISSN: 1525-4011

Collection ManagementVol. 25 No. 3, 2001ISSN: 0146-2679

  • Brian Quinn, "The Impact of Aggregator Packages on Collection Management," pp. 53-74.

College & Research LibrariesVol. 62 No. 3, 2001ISSN: 0010-0870

  • Candice Dahl, "Electronic Pathfinders in Academic Libraries: An Analysis of Their Content and Form," pp. 227-37.

College & Research LibrariesVol. 62 No. 4, 2001ISSN: 0010-0870

  • Louise McGillis and Elaine G. Toms, "Usability of the Academic Library Web Site: Implications for Design," pp. 355-67.

College and Research Libraries NewsVol. 62 No. 6, 2001ISSN: 1464-9055

  • Beth M. Russel, "Lessons Learned from a Librarian's Experience with Digitizing Special Collections," pp. 63-6.

College and Research Libraries NewsVol. 62 No. 7, 2001ISSN: 1464-9055

  • Mickey Zemon, "The Librarian's Role in Portal Development: Providing Unique Perspectives and Skills," pp. 710-12.

Computers in LibrariesVol. 21 No. 6, June 2001ISSN: 1041-7915

  • Shirley Duglin Kennedy, "Web Design That Won't Get You Into Trouble," pp. 30-5.David D. Davis, "What Digital Rights Management Means Today," pp. 36-9.Judy Anderson and Lynne DeMont, "Treading Carefully Through the Murky Legalities of Electronic Reserves," pp. 40-5.Michael Schuyler, "Filters Revisited," pp. 46-9.Janet L. Balas, "How Should Privacy be Protected in the Electronic Library," pp. 53-5.Kim Guenther, "Pass the Cookies and Uphold the Privacy," pp. 56-62.

ConvergeVol. 4 No. 6, June 2001

  • See: www.convergemag.comAbdulezer, Susan, "The State of the Arts: Curating the Digital Classroom," pp. 38-40.Fleischman, John, "Creative Tools for creative Progorams," pp. 28-32.Eliot Levinson and Barbara Grohe, "The Instructional Solution Has Arrived: But How do You Buy One Intelligently?" pp. 54-6.

ConvergeVol. 4 No. 7, July 2001

  • See: www.convergemag.comCynthia Sistek-Chandler, "Learning Portals for Education and Beyond," pp. 28-32.Jessica Sandham, "Tech Training 101: Time, Leadership and Incentives," pp. 38-42.Eliot Levinson and Barbara Grohe, "The $64,000 Question: To Web or Not to Web?" pp. 60-1.

Copyright, New Media Law &E-CommerceVol. 5 No. 2, June 4, 2001ISSN: 1489-954X ­ also available electronically by subscription to

Contents include: Studies, Legislation and Conventions about WIPO Conference discusses broadcasting rights ­ see; US distance education legislation ­ specifically the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2001; Proposed US database protection legislation; Review of legal cases in China, USA, the Netherlands, Canada; e-Commerce updates with Amazon and Adobe Team Up to Offer e-Books at; Internet Radio for Kids = see; Music Label Releases Copyright Protected CD ­ see; New Model License Agreement sponsored by the council on Library and Information Resources, the Digital Library Foundation and Yale University Library at

CTOSupplement to InfoWorld, June 18, 2001

  • See: Ozzie, "The Practical Future of Peer-to-Peer Technology," pp. 30-1.Michael Vizard, "Leading the Charge: Webservices and the Next Generation," p. 32.

D-Lib MagazineVol. 7 No. 6, June 20, 2001

  • See: contents.htmlLinda L. Hill, Scott J. Crosier, Terence R. Smith, and Michael Goodchild, "A Content Standard for Computational Models".Renato Iannella, "Digital Rights Management Architectures".John S. Erickson, "A Digital Object Approach to Interoperable Rights Management: Finely-grained Policy Enforcement Enabled by a Digital Object Infrastructure".Vicky Reich and David S.H. Rosenthal, "LOCKSS: A Permanent Web Publishing and Access System".

D-Lib MagazineVol. 7 No. 7/8, July/August 2001

  • See: J. Bell, "The New Digital Divide: Dissecting Aggregator Exclusivity Deals".Herbert Van de Sompel, "Generalizing the open URL Framework Beyond References to Scholarly Work: The Bison-Fute Model".Roes, Hans, Digital Libraries and Education: Trends and Opportunities".Lucia Snowhill, "E-Books and Their Future in Academic Libraries: An Overview".

EDUCAUSE ReviewVol. 36 No. 3, May/June 2001ISSN: 1527-6619

  • Kent Wada and Paula King, "IT Policy: An Essential Element of IT Infrastructure," pp. 14-15.Ted Hanss, "Digital Video: Internet2 Killer App or Dilbert's Nightmare?" pp. 16-25.Carole A. Barone, "Conditions for Transformation: Infrastructure is Not the Issue," pp. 40-7.Bob Mahoney and Paul Hill, "Deploying a Calendaring and Scheduling service," pp. 58-9.John Bucher, "IT Service and Users' Expectations: A Balancing Act," pp. 62-3.

Electronic LibraryVol. 19 No. 3, 2001ISSN: 0264-0473

  • Szu-chia Lo, "The Development of Electronic Journals in Taiwan: Status Report on a Continuous Study of Access Issues, pp. 134-43.Maria Laura Bargellini and Luciana Bordoni, "The Role of the Library in a New Learning Scenario," pp. 153-7.Jody Condit Fagan, "Transition to Unified System: Using Perl to Drive Library Databases and Enhance Web Site Functionality," pp. 158-79.

Emedia MagazineVol. 14 No. 8, 2001ISSN: 1529-7306

  • David Doering, "Defining the DAM Thing: How Digital Asset Management Works, pp. 28-33.

First MondayVol. 6 No. 5, May 7, 2001ISSN: 1396-0466

First MondayVol. 6 No. 6, June 4, 2001ISSN: 1396-0466

  • See: Lynch, "The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World".Chris Rasch, "The Wall Street Performer Protocol: Using Software Completion Bonds to Fund Open Source Software Development".Philip Bradford, Herbert Brown and Paula M. Saunders, "Pricing, Agents, Perceived Value and the Internet".Tara Brabazon, "Internet Teaching and the Administration of Knolwedge".Jan Newmarch, "Lessons from Open Source: Intellectual Property and Courseware".

First MondayVol. 6 No. 7, July 2, 2001ISSN: 1396-0466

  • See: A. Galbi, "Some Economics of Personal Activity and Implications for the Digital Economy".Amanda Spink and Okan Gunar, "E-Commerce Web Queries: Excite and Ask Jeeves Study".Nuala Bennett and Beth Sandore, "The IMLS Digital Cultural Heritage Community Project: A Case Study of Tools for Effective Project Management and Collaboration".Joyce M. Latham, "Positioning the Public Library in the Modern State: The Opportunity of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)".

First MondayVol. 6 No. 8, August 6, 2001ISSN: 1396-0466

  • See: Mann, "Computer Architectures for Personal Space: Forms-Based Reasoning in the Domain of Humanistic Intelligence".Brian Carolan, "Technology, Schools and the Decentralization of Culture".Randall K. Engle, "The Neo Sophists: Intellectual Integrity in the Information Age".

Government TechnologyVol. 14 No. 6, May 2001ISSN: 1043-9668

  • See: www.govtech.netAlso contains supplements: Mobile Government & Electronic Government, Vol. 2 Vol. 1, Spring 2001.

Government TechnologyJuly 2001ISSN: 1043-9668

  • See: www.govtech.netTod Newcombe, "Imaging Evolution: Electronic Documents," pp. 62-3.

The Harvard Crimson,July 6, 2001

Industry StandardJune 11, 2001

  • See: www.thestandard.comMetrics: Hard Numbers on the Internet Economy, "Back Where We Started" Internet Economy Indicators for the week of May 28, 2001, pp. 82-5.

Industry StandardJuly 2, 2001

  • See: www.thestandard.comDavid Lake, "What Geeks Do," pp. 54-5.Alexei Oreskovic, "Never Break the Chain & Other Back-Office Technologies," pp. 57-63.

Industry StandardJuly 9-16, 2001

  • See: www.thestandard.comGeoff Shandler, "Book Scandal: A New Sales Reporting System Could Help Publishers Race to the Bottom More Efficiently Than Ever," p. 16.

Information Research, An International Electronic JournalVol. 6 No. 4, July 2001ISSN: 1368-1613

  • See: Vaast, "Intranets in French Firms: Evolutions and Revolutions".Rabina, Debbie L., "Copyright Protection in Israel: A Reality of Being 'Pushed into the Corner'".Leah Halliday, "Scholarly Communication, Scholarly Publication and the Status of Emerging Formats".

Information Retrieval & Library AutomationVol. 36 No. 12, 2001ISSN: 0020-0220

  • Maxine Hattery, "The PDA: Its Place in the Library," pp. 1-4.

Information Retrieval & Library AutomationVol. 37 No. 1, 2001ISSN: 0020-0220

  • Maxine Hattery, "The Pan-European Virtual Library," pp. 1-3.

Information Technology and LibrariesVol. 20 No. 2, June 2001ISSN: 0730-9295

  • Mary Dabney Wilson and John Paul Fullerton, "Improving Retrieval of Microform Set Records: Updating 008 Dates for Records Cataloged Prior to 1991".Mark Jacobs, "Speakeasy Studio and Café: Information Literacy, Web-Based Library Instruction, and Technology".Stephen Sottong, "E-Book Technology: Waiting for the 'False Pretender'".Jason Vaughan, "Three Iterations of an Academic Library Web Site".Roberta J. Astroff, "Searching for the Library: University Home Page Design and Missing Links".Alan Cornish, "Data Retrieval from Library Systems Based on the Open Systems Model".Ronald Jantz, "E-Books and New Library Service Models: An Analysis of the Impact of E-Book Technology on Academic Libraries".Harry M. Kibirige, "Internet Access in Public Libraries: Results of an End User Targeted Pilot Study, 1997-2000".

InfoWorldVol. 23 No. 25, June 18, 2001

  • Matk Leon, "Are You Being Served: Outsourcing IT Functions and CTOs," pp. 53-6.

InfoWorldVol. 23 No. 26, June 25, 2001

  • Research Report on "What a Wireless World," pp. 56-61.

InfoWorldVol. 23 No. 27, July 2, 2001

  • Intelligence on the Go: PDA Omnipresence," p. 17.

InfoWorldVol. 23 No. 28, July 9, 2001

  • Jennifer Jones, "Putting Privacy into Practice," p. 27.

InfoWorldVol. 23 No. 31, July 30, 2001

  • "The Rocky Road to High-Speed Wireless," p. 28.Test Center Analysis, "Voice Apps are Once Again Your Friend," p. 47.

International Information & Library ReviewVol. 33 No. 1, 2001ISSN: 1057-2317

  • Henry L. Mambo, "Tanzania: An Overview of Information Communications Technology," pp. 89-96.

Internet WorldJuly 1, 2001ISSN: 1097-8291

  • See: Gardner, "For Love or Money: Putting a Price Tag on IT Talent," pp. 26-33.Jaques Surveyer, " Trust or Antitrust? Can Microsoft Convince a Wary World that it's No Longer an Evil Empire? Its Handling of XML-Soap will Speak Volumes," pp. 51-3.

Internet WorldJuly 15, 2001ISSN: 1097-8291

Internet WorldAugust 1, 2001ISSN: 1097-8291

Journal of Academic LibrarianshipVol. 27 No. 3, 2001ISSN: 0099-1333

  • Marilyn Domas White, "Diffusion of an Innovation: Digital Reference Service in Carnegie's Foundation Master's (Comprehensive) Academic Institution Libraries, pp.173-87.Brenda Battleson, Austin Booth and Jane Weintrop, "Usability Testing of an Academic Web Site: A Case Study," pp. 188-98.Deborah Lynn Harrington and Xiadong Li, "Spinning an Academic Web Community: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness," pp. 199-207.Carolyn Guttierrez and Jianrong Wang, "A Comparison of an Electronic vs. Print Workbook for Information Literacy Instruction," pp. 208-12.Susan Davis Herring, "Using the World Wide Web for Research: Are Faculty Satisfied?" pp. 213-19.John A. Shuler, "Government Information Locator Services and Systems: A Challenge to Academic Library Integration Projects," pp. 224-8.

Journal of Technology InformationVol. 12 No. 2, Spring 2001ISSN: 0268-3962

  • Rodney L. Custer, Brigitte G. Valesey, Barry N. Burke, "An Assessment Model for a Design Approach to Technological Problem Solving," pp. 5-20.Mark Sanders, "New Paradigm or Old Wine? The Status of Technology Education Practice in the United States," pp. 35-55.

Learned PublishingVol. 14 No. 3, July 2001ISSN: 0953-1513

  • See: www.learned-publishing.orgHenry S. Rzepa and Peter Murray-Rust, "A New Publishing Paradigm: STM Articles as Part of the Sematic Web," pp. 177-82.Simon Jones, "The Links in the Information Chain," pp. 183-8.Alex C. Klugkist, "Virtual and Non-Virtual Realitites: The Changing Roles of Libraries and Librarians," pp. 197-204.Charles Oppenheim, "The New Directive on Copyright and Related Rights," pp. 205-12.Bill Kasdorf, "The XML Revolution," pp. 213-22.

Libraries Webzine: High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine HomepageIssue 4, June 2001ISSN: 1424-2729

  • See: Harnad, Les Carr and Tim Brody, "How and Why to Free All Refereed Research From Access and Impact-Barriers Online, Now".S. Bertocco, "Torri: An Open Portal Over Open Archives".

Library JournalVol. 126 No 11, 2001ISSN: 0363-0377

  • Jeff Clark, "Libraries and the Fate of Digital content, pp. 44-7.

LibriVol. 51 No. 2, Summer 2001ISSN: 0024-2667

  • Victor Herrero-Solana and Felix de Moya-Anegon, "Bibliogaphic Displays of Web-based OPACS: Multivariate Analysis Applied to Latin-American Catalogues".

Microform & Imaging ReviewVol. 30 No. 2, 2001ISSN: 0949-5770

  • Janet Gertz, "Selection for Preservation in the Digital Age: An Overview," pp. 48-56.Andrew Stawowczyk Long, "Automating Routine Imagine Tasks," pp. 57-9.

New York Law JournalJuly 12, 2001

Professional Scholarly Publishing (PSP) BulletinVol. 2 No. 2, Summer 2001

  • Kathleen Bursley, "The European Union Copyright Directive: An American Perspective," pp. 1-2.

ProgramVol. 35 No. 3, 2001ISSN: 0033-0337

  • Chris Armstrong, "A Study of the Use of Electronic Information Systems by Higher Education," pp. 241-62.Andrew Hampson, "Practical Experiences of Digitisation in the BUILDER Hybrid Library Project: Case Study," pp. 263-75.

RLG DigiNewsVol. 5 No. 3, June 15, 2001ISSN: 1093-5371

RLG FocusIssue 40, June 2001ISSN: 1523-8296

  • David Richards, "RLG Services: A Glimpse Behind the Information Technology Curtain," pp. 1, 9.

Searcher: The Magazine for Database ProfessionalsVol. 9 No. 6, June 2001ISSN: 1070-4795

  • Joan Heilig, "E-Global Library: The Academic Campus Library Meets the Internet," pp. 34-43.Joseph Helfer, "Fear, Software Integration, and Religious Wars: Internet World 2001," pp. 55-61.

SyllabusVol. 14 No. 12, July 2001ISSN: 1089-5914

  • See: www.syllabus.comHoward Rheingold, "Face-to-Face with Virtual Communities," pp. 8-13.Bernard W. Gleason, "uPortal: A Common Portal Reference Framework," pp. 14-15.William Wilson and Michael Martys, "Learning from Experience: Points to Ponder About Portals," pp. 16-20.Steven Gilbert, "Technology Implementation: Dimensions of Technology Change," p. 28.Elizabeth A. Buchanan, "Ready or Not: They're Here: Library Portals," pp. 30-1.Steven Bell, "Web-Based Utilities for Learning and Collaboration in the Classroom," pp. 32-5.

TechTrendssupplement to Government Technology, July 2001

  • See: www.govtech.netWilliam Van Winkle, "Hand vs Hand," pp. 26-9.Farres Everly, "The Death of the Floppy," pp. 30-1.

VineIssue No. 122, 2001ISSN: 0305-5728

  • Contains theme issue, "Supporting Learning and Teaching," with some relevant articles.Chris Powis and Georgina Payne, "'Liberating' User Education: Developing a Web-based Teaching Learning Package at University College Northampton," pp. 29-34.Danielle Hinton and Lou McGill, "Chat to a Librarian: 21st Century Reference for Distance Learners," pp. 59-64.

WiredVol. 9 No. 8, August 2001ISSN: 1059-1028

  • John Hockenberry, "The Next Brainiacs," pp. 94-105.

Other Resources

See: ­ Web site that runs a network of related Web sites dedicated to electronic publishing, combining news, information, articles, discussion forums, and an online store.

Digital Opportunity Task Force, comprising NGOs, government representatives of the G8, commercial firms, and some international organizations, such as the World Bank, UNDP, World Economic Forum, etc., have issued their final report which will be presented at the meeting of the G8 in Italy later this summer. "Digital Opportunities for ALL: Meeting the challenge Report of the Digital Opportunity Task Force (DOT Force)" is available at

ESpectraJuly 2001


The extensive column, "Projects of Interest to the Community," notes those projects that promote cultural heritage information as conducted by members of the Museum Computer Network. Selected contents that are most relevant utilize new technologies and include: New York Public Library: Planning Digital Projects for Historical Collections and are described at and

Directory of Digitized Collections ­ a joint project of the UNESCO Memory of the World program and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) that aims to catalog major digitized heritage collections ­

Research Library Group's Cultural Materials Initiative ­ http://www.rlg/org/culturalres/.

Reports and Guidelines noted on eSpectra

Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Available to All ­

Building Digital Collections: Technical Information and Background Papers ­

Costs of Distribution of Digital Information ­

Introduction to Metadata Version 2.0 ­ Getty Standards program ­

Guides to Good practice: Creating Digital Performance Resources ­

Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging ­ http://www.rlgorg/visguides/

Knowledge Organization Systems in Digital Libraries ­

LC21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress ­

Metadata Studies from the European Commission ­ Two reports: European Commission: Third Metadata Workshop ­

NISO/CLIR/RLG: Technical Metadata Elements for Images Workshop ­

Metadata for Digital Preservation: The Cedars Outline Specification ­

Preservation Management of Digital Materials ­

Free Media Relations Handbook. Washington, DC, Association of Research Libraries and SPARC. Available as a PDF file at Table of contents includes:

Introduction, A Media Primer, Packaging and Selling Your Message, The Interview Process, Building Valuable Relationships, Crisis Communications, Avoiding Common Pitfalls. Will help your organization navigate its new role as public policy influencer, communicate effectively with the media, deliver a targeted message, sell a particular story, act as avalued media source, respond during a crisis.

Harris, Lesley Ellen, "How To Be a Better Negotiator in the Digital Realm," at

National Information Standards Organization (NISO) releases a report on its Networked Digital Reference Services Workshop that was held April 25-26, 2001 at the Library of Congress and it is available at:

Planet eBook ­ ­ list of tools and technologies related to e-Books, including software, hardware, epublishing and rights management.

The e-Book Tools List now contains around 150 tools. One of the most valuable resources is The eBook Community Archive (TeBC) from 1996-to the present.

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography. Version 38 was released in late July and is available at: and is designed for interactive use and includes two sections not found in the word files: Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources, and Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog. Also available as: or at

Scholars Portal moves from ARL to ALA's ALCTS ­ the first report from the ARL Works Group on the Scholars Portal is now available at:

Selective Recent Dissertations

Sally Lynn Gill, "Medium of the Future, Stories of the Past: The Web, Remediation and Regional Heritage," Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2000.

Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, "Patron-Augmented Digital Libraries," Texas A&M University, 2000.

Herbert Van de Sompel, "Context-Sensitive and Dynamic Linking of Scholarly Information," University of Ghent, Belgium, 2000.

Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk Update

A weekly publication. See Another news service that may be informative for the information industry and library community.

Prepared by: Julia Gelfand (, co-editor, LHTN.

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