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Professional Literature

Editors' Note: This column would be more enhanced if it could include reviews of publications and works. Thus, it is dependent upon you, the readers of this newsletter, to take some initiative and let the editors know what you find useful and are most interested in. This is an open invitation to compose a review and publish it in this column. Let us know you are available! Please contact Julia Gelfand (jgelfand@ with your ideas.


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Selected recent journal articles

Against the Grain, Vol. 13 No. 2, April 2001ISSN: 1043-2094Ana Arias Terry, "Chameleon in our Midst: How Scholarly and Professional Roles are Changing Due to Technology", pp. 26-30.

ASLIB Proceedings, Vol. 53 No. 2, 2001ISSN: 0001-253XJulie Rowbotham, "Location, Location, Location", pp. 58-61.Paul Sturges, "Gatekeepers and Other Intermediaries", pp. 62-7.Shaheen Majid, "Trends in Using CD-ROM in Academic Libraries of Three South Asian Countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka", pp. 68-76.

C&RL News, Vol. 62 No. 3, March 2001ISSN: 0099-0086Karmen N.T Crowther and Alan Wallace, "Delivering Video-streamed Libraries Orientation on the Web: Technology for the Educational Setting", pp. 280-5.

Chronicle of Higher Education, March 26, 2001Florence Olsen, "Scholars Urge a Boycott of Journals That Won't Release Articles to Free Archives" is more copyright-related than about copyright, per se, but may well be of interest to the group. I also recommend two of the references to which it links:

Converge, Vol. 4 No. 5, May 2001ISSN: 1530-3357John Fleischman, "Going Mobile: New Technologies in Education", pp. 36-41, also see

D-Lib MagazineKen Frazier, "The Librarians' Dilemma: Contemplating the Costs of the 'Big Deal'" at

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Wired News,1294,42538,00.htmlKendra Mayfield, "Writers Fight for E-Rights" .

New Resources

e-Spectra, portal for the cultural heritage information management community and Spectra, MCN's community awareness publication. See www.

Technology Grant News at

"It is a publication that comes to you four times a year with the latest grant announcements for technology and other initiatives by technology funders, government and trade associations ­ for nonprofits, social service providers, towns and cities and schools and universities. It is not free. The layout is nice, easy, readable. Useful, thought provoking ­ it puts technology funder funding for a variety of initiatives and sectors ­ in ways that are easily readable and catalytic. One can try to leverage the programs, achievement or models covered to whomever might be eligible. There are grants here by technology funders for education, literacy, digital divide, community, teaching the math and science of technology, steppingstones to technology for children with disabilities, women and economic development, environment, conservation, on-line art and exhibitions, digital libraries, and partnerships funding, etc. At the site, you can subscribe on-line. The publication saves scouting individual Web sites." From: Jessica Callender, IT Planner & Grant Writer

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