Make It Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership

Leadership in Health Services

ISSN: 1751-1879

Article publication date: 2 May 2011




(2011), "Make It Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership", Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 24 No. 2.



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Make It Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership

Make It Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership

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Daniel B. McLaughlin,ACHE,2010,ISBN 13: 978-1-56793-365-9

Keywords: Health care, Leadership, Project management

Effective plan execution can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes.

This book is about getting things done-how to design effective strategy, implement it, and make sure it works. It’s based on the best practices of leading healthcare delivery systems, examples from the business world, and research findings.

Use the execution method described in this book to address a departmental issue or to institute organization-wide change. Start today. Develop a focused plan, use project management tools to keep work on track, and engage employees at all levels to support change.

Contents include:

  • Developing strategic focus.

  • Internal and external assessment using business intelligence.

  • From data analysis to focused strategy.

  • The balanced scorecard.

  • Project management.

  • Variations on project management and clinical innovation.

  • Embedding the change.

  • Structure and compensation.

  • Culture and employee engagement.

  • Leadership.

  • An integrated system for execution.

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