Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare

Leadership in Health Services

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Article publication date: 5 October 2010




(2010), "Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare", Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 23 No. 4.



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Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare

Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare

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Andrew Price and Andrew Scowcroft,Radcliffe,2010,ISBN-10 1 84619 480 6,ISBN-13 9781846194801,

Keywords: Management in healthcare, Healthcare management skills, Healthcare management education

Health professionals often take on managerial roles at short notice and with little or no preparation. Although they may be highly clinically qualified and accomplished, the practicalities and relationships involved in management – helping staff to feel motivated and valued, building and leading teams, managing meetings and presentations, writing reports and managing change, to name but a few – present new challenges and pitfalls for which they are unprepared.

This book is for managers and prospective managers who want to approach their new responsibilities correctly from the very beginning. Based on the authors’ successful “vital signs” education programme, it identifies the critical few skills needed to hit the ground running as a manager. It is an accessible, easily comprehensible guide to gaining the self-confidence and the respect of staff and creating a steady platform for acquiring and mastering wider skills in the future.

Contents include:

  1. 1.

    Part 1:

    • dealing with people;

    • understanding and developing the team;

    • dealing with individuals; and

    • dealing with change.

  2. 2.

    Part 2:

    • management processes;

    • meetings;

    • making presentations; and

    • preparing a management report.

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