Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare

Leadership in Health Services

ISSN: 1751-1879

Article publication date: 4 May 2010




(2010), "Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare", Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 23 No. 2.



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Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare

Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare

Article Type: Recent publications From: Leadership in Health Services, Volume 23, Issue 2

T Porter-O’GradyJones and BartlettISBN: 97807637654392010

Keywords: Healthcare leadership, Healthcare development, Healthcare quality improvement

Creating the Landscape of Healthcare focuses on the unique skills related to leading the innovation process in healthcare. This unique text relates leadership skills and attributes necessary to guide organizations and people through the process of innovation in a way that ensures successful innovation outcomes. This contributed text provides a variety of viewpoints on leadership in light of the various formats and tool-sets necessary to assure successful innovation.

Contents include:

  • “From knowledge creation to transforming health care”.

  • “Creating the organizational context for innovation”.

  • “Innovation in action: a practical system for getting results”.

  • “Directed creativity: how to generate new ideas for transforming health care”.

  • “Trans-disciplinary design and innovation in the classroom”.

  • “Launch pad: creating the business case for innovation”.

  • “Transforming healthcare quality through innovations in evidence-based practice”.

  • “Combining diffusion of innovation, complex, adaptive healthcare organizations, and whole systems shared governance: 21st century alchemy”.

  • “Leadership, innovation, and healing spaces”.

  • “The intuitive leader”.

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