Call for papers

Leadership in Health Services

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Article publication date: 17 July 2009



(2009), "Call for papers", Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 22 No. 3.



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Call for papers

Article Type: Call for papers From: Leadership in Health Services, Volume 22, Issue 3

Edited by Jennifer Bowerman, Alberta, Canada andJo Lamb-White, Italy

Developing effective leaders is crucial in achieving the goals set for healthcare services world-wide. Improvements in organizations and services can only be made by building leadership and managerial capacity and skills. Leadership in Health Services provides examples of best practice in this dynamic field, disseminating practical, relevant and timely information. Combining theoretical articles and applied case studies, the journal is an essential resource for all those researching and practising in this evolving area.

The journal publishes:

  • Practical, results-focused research articles which frame contemporary leadership theory in the context of health care systems and services

  • Case studies which identify and analyse common problems and provide best practice solutions.

Coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • New models of clinical leadership

  • Strategic management within healthcare organizations

  • Leadership training and development

  • Mentoring, coaching and succession planning

  • Resourcing and resource constraints

  • Public health challenges - HIV/Aids, tuberculosis

  • Collaboration - communication strategies and the multidisciplinary team

  • Integrated care pathways

  • Performance accountability

  • Ethics

  • Organizational learning and performance

  • Improving patient care and services through effective management practices

  • Crisis management

  • Personal leadership

  • Patient expectations

  • Patient as leader.

Published quarterly, the journal is a vital source of information for a wide range of professionals in primary, secondary and community care.

Papers should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words in length. Your submission is now invited to Leadership in Health Services and should be made using Manuscript Central, Emerald's online submission and peer review system.

Registration and access are available at:

Full information and guidance on using Manuscript Central are available at the Emerald Manuscript Central Support Centre:

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