Greetings from Professor Raul Espejo


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Article publication date: 18 October 2011



(2011), "Greetings from Professor Raul Espejo", Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 9/10.



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Greetings from Professor Raul Espejo

Article Type: Anniversary greetings From: Kybernetes, Volume 40, Issue 9/10

There is no doubt that Kybernetes, since it was established in 1971 by Professor John Rose, has made a significant contribution to the dissemination of cybernetics. Over these years-cybernetics, in tandem with the huge penetration of internet, has grown into the social psyche as a form of automated feedback that is taking over important aspects of our human responsibilities. This is a very restricted image of cybernetics, which makes no justice to Norbert Wiener’s creative insights, or to the contributions of Ross Ashby, Gregory Bateson, Stafford Beer, Warren McCulloch, Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana and Gordon Pask, to name a few. All of them have increased our appreciation of social complexity and helped to clarify the strong intertwining of the human and the technological. It is my wish that over the next 40 years Kybernetes is instrumental in building cybernetics as a science that adds to our understanding of how to harness the power of science and technology in the quest for effective organisations and fair societies.

Congratulations to Professor Brian Rudall for maintaining Kybernetes as a lively journal over the past years.

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