An introduction to hyperseeing and hypersculptures


ISSN: 0368-492X

Article publication date: 9 August 2011



(2011), "An introduction to hyperseeing and hypersculptures", Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 7/8.



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An introduction to hyperseeing and hypersculptures

Article Type: Special issue abstracts From: Kybernetes, Volume 40, Issue 7/8

Nat Friedman

Department of Mathematics, University at Albany, Albany, New York, USA


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to introduce the cybernetics audience to the fundamental interdisciplinary concept of hyperseeing and its application to hypersculptures.

Design/methodology/approach – Briefly, hyperseeing is seeing from multiple viewpoints in a very general sense. In particular, the author first discusses hyperseeing a sculpture. A sculpture is defined as an object in a fixed position relative to a horizontal plane (base, ground). Two sculptures are congruent if they consist of the same object. A hypersculpture is a set of congruent sculptures. A hypersculpture is a more complete presentation of the sculptural possibilities of an object.

Findings – A specific example is given of hyperseeing a knot sculpture made of copper tubing.

Originality/value – The paper demonstrates how the study of hypersculptures facilitates gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of sculpture.

Keywords Hyperseeing, Sculpture, Congruent sculptures, Hypersculptures, Cybernetics

Paper type Research paper

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