Systematic studies: the infinity problem in modern mathematics


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Article publication date: 11 April 2008



Rudall, B.H. (2008), "Systematic studies: the infinity problem in modern mathematics", Kybernetes, Vol. 37 No. 3/4.



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Systematic studies: the infinity problem in modern mathematics

Article Type: Preface From: Kybernetes, Volume 37, Issue 3/4.

We are particularly grateful to our Guest Editor Dr Yi Lin and also to his colleagues, Professors Wujia Zhu, Ningsheng Gong and Guoping Du for accepting this journal's Editorial Advisory Board's invitation to compile this special double issue. It is the first in a series of systematic studies that it is hoped will focus readers' attention on particular systems, be they mathematical or managerial, or concerned with systems that are less easily categorised.

The authors of the first paper give an introduction to the topic and to the contributions contained in the subsequent 16 papers. The particular and relevant ideas and concepts are introduced and discussed in the context of the system of modern mathematics. All systems, however formulated, are of great interest both to systemists and cyberneticians, and indeed to all who wish to enquire and hope to understand their functions and problems. This compilation is focused on theories which our contributors write, are themselves treated “as a system of thoughts” and the history of mathematics is considered from the “angle of whole systems evolution”.

This provides what is a fascinating study and the authors are to be congratulated on their much appreciated endeavours.

As is our usual practice, this special double issue also contains our regular journal sections.

Brian H. RudallEditor-in-Chief

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