World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)


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Article publication date: 1 October 2004



Andrew, A.M. (2004), "World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)", Kybernetes, Vol. 33 No. 9/10.



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World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)

World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)WOSC appointments

As reported in our last issues of this journal new appointments to the organisation have been confirmed.

We would wish to congratulate Professor Robert Vallée (France) on his appointment to the Presidency of WOSC. The late Professor Stafford Beer is currently the Past-President in Memoriam.

Professor Vallée is a patron of Kybernetes and frequent contributor to this journal. He was recently the subject of our “30th Anniversary cyberprofiles” (Kybernetes, Vol. 32 Nos 3/4, 2003, pp. 449-53), when we were able to highlight his distinguished career as the holder of important academic appointments in France and as an eminent cybernetician and mathematician. He has been a Director of WOSC since its foundation by Professor Rose and has held the post of the Director-General of the organisation with distinction. This post has currently been taken by Dr Alex M. Andrew (UK) who is not only a leading cybernetician and researcher but also an enthusiastic and hardworking Internet Editor and contributor for this journal which he has supported since its fledgling years. Dr Andrew was formely WOSC's Director of International Affairs. Six Directors have also had their appointments ratified.

The publishers of this journal together with the Editorial Team and the Editorial Advisory Board wish all the appointed WOSC officials every success in their future service to the organisation.

It is hoped that we will have the opportunity of featuring members of the WOSC Directorate in the series of Cyberprofiles that will be published in Volume 34, 2005. It was also announced that the Editor-in-Chief of Kybernetes has been appointed the first Vice-President of the organisation and continues in his role of Director of the Norbert Wiener Institute of Systems and Cybernetics.

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