Centenary of Gregory Bateson


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Article publication date: 1 September 2004



(2004), "Centenary of Gregory Bateson", Kybernetes, Vol. 33 No. 8. https://doi.org/10.1108/k.2004.06733hab.002



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Centenary of Gregory Bateson

Gregory Bateson was born in 1904 and a number of events are being organised to celebrate his centennial. These include at the time of compilation of this issue:

San Francisco, USA. An organisation based at San Francisco, where Gregory Bateson lived for some three decades, Integrated Strategies is organising a conference in the fall of 2004. Provisional dates are 19-20 November, and a Web site is being set up at: www.acteva.com/Bateson At the same time there is a meeting of the American Anthropological Association and it is expected that there will be a session devoted to Bateson. Other events are also being arranged in the USA.

Europe – The Croatia Foundation 2020 has been sponsoring a series of conferences on the future of the Balkans. This year we are told, it will focus on the application of Bateson's approach to Systems Theory to international conflict and development.

For further information, contact: Petar Turkovic. E-mail: petar@foundation2020.com; Web site: www.foundation2020.com

In Italy there is much interest in Bateson's work primarily by family therapists and philosophers. There will be a conference sponsored by the Circolo Bateson.

For further information, visit the Web site: www.gregorybateson.net

It is also reported that another group is planning a conference in Tuscany, Italy with the title “Middle East Imagination”, which will honour Bateson and include his thinking on the cybernetics of peace and conflict.

For further information, visit the Web site: www.global-vision-consulting.com

A session in “Honour of Bateson” is also being arranged at next Biosemiotics Conference in Prague, UK – An annual Bateson Memorial lecture has been established at the University of East London. More details of their arrangements can be obtained from Berthe Krause. E-mail: bkrause@tavi-port.nhs.uk

A new “Bateson Society”, we are told is also being organised at this university.


A number of special issues dealing with Bateson's work has been promised. Kybernetes is at present planning to compile such an issue for publication in 2005.

Note: Many of the events reported here may be provisional, so it is essential to check arrangements at the Web sites given with the report or at the Intercultural Studies Institutewww.interculturalstudies.org

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