Special issue annoucement for Journal of Business Strategy

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Article publication date: 7 August 2009



(2009), "Special issue annoucement for Journal of Business Strategy", Journal of Strategy and Management, Vol. 2 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/jsma.2009.35802caa.001



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Special issue annoucement for Journal of Business Strategy

Article Type: Call for papers From: Journal of Strategy and Management, Volume 2, Issue 3

Special issue on the practice of innovation: design in process

Guest Editor: Vijay Kumar, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

This special issue will be available from 8 May from http://shop.emeraldinsight.com/. Individual articles will be available for download from: www.emeraldinsight.com/0275-6668.htm

Almost every professional magazine, journal, conference, and meeting room is awash with the term ``design innovation''. There is a great deal of energetic discussion about why design innovation has become critical for the success and growth of businesses today. Experts in business management are discussing ways to think about design as a key strategic advantage. Many of these discussions promise to ``fire up creativity'', ``master design thinking'', and ``disrupt the competition''. Design innovation has arrived, and it has made a huge splash in the world of business.

Except that it has not. Despite the fact that there is much talk about the strategic value of design innovation, very few innovators clearly know ``how'' to practise this kind of innovation repeatedly and reliably. Design processes are still largely unfamiliar in business. Yet businesses need to master these processes, methods, tools and frameworks in order to truly harness the power of design innovation.

How businesses can practise innovation through a deep understanding of the design process is the focus of this special issue of the Journal of Business Strategy. For rich, diverse perspectives, JBS has brought together experts from many fields to discuss how design innovation can be successfully practised through adopting formalized design processes. The papers come from innovators in fields as diverse as healthcare, digital products, software, telecommunications, space planning, web services, city planning, and education.

Table of contents

Editor's noteVijay Kumar

Using design thinking to improve patient experiences in Japan: a case studyTaisuke Uehira and Carl Kay

Innovating healthcare delivery: the design of health servicesAlan K. Duncan and Margaret A. Breslin

The call of the city: using design methods to attract familiesKristian Buschmann and Carol Coletta

Pirate this: breakthrough mindsets from the webBrandon Schauer

Beyond good to great: better innovations through designSteve Sato

How tangible Is your strategy? Using design thinking to turn strategy into realityMathew Holloway

Cultural innovation in software design: the new impact of innovation planning methodsChris Bernard

The discipline of product discovery: identifying unique business opportunitiesJooyun Melanie Joh and Matthew Mayfield

Embedding innovation: design thinking for small enterprisesAntonia Ward, Ellie Runcie and Lesley Morris

Innovation is good, fitness is betterJames P. Hackett

A process for practising design innovationVijay Kumar

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The Journal of Business Strategy publishes articles with a practical focus designed to help readers develop successful business strategies. Articles should say something new or different and may propose a unique perspective. They should not offer prescriptions to CEOs on how to manage, but rather be directed toward middle and senior managers at companies of all sizes and types, as well as consultants and academics who want to think about their businesses in new ways.

As one of the few journals dedicated to business strategy, JBS defines strategy in the broadest sense and thus covers topics as diverse as marketing strategy, innovation, developments in the global economy, mergers and acquisition integration and human resources. We have a penchant for substantive, provocative and well-written articles. We also like to break the mould and include articles on topics readers are unlikely to find in other business publications.Contact the Journal Editor, Nanci Healy at: nancihealy@comcast.net

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