Diary dates

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

ISSN: 1741-038X

Article publication date: 6 June 2008



(2008), "Diary dates", Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 19 No. 5. https://doi.org/10.1108/jmtm.2008.06819eac.002



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Diary dates

Article Type: Diary dates From: Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Volume 19, Issue 5


3rd World Conference on Production and Operations Management

5-8 August

Tokyo, Japan

Web site: www.jomsa.jp/

International Conference on the Digital Factory (ICDF 2008)

11-13 August

Coimbatore, India

Web site: www.icdf2008.info

2008 IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

23-26 August

Washington, DC, USA

Web site: www.ieee-case.org

3rd Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL2008)

4-5 September

Hamburg, Germany

Web site: www.hicl.org

9th International Continuous Innovation Network (CINet) Conference

5-9 September

Valencia, Spain

Web site: www.continuous-innovation.net/Events/CINet2008.html

2nd IFIP Topical Session on Computer-Aided Innovation at the 20th IFIP World Computer Congress

7-10 September

Milan, Italy

Web site: www.wcc2008.org

6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2008)

9-11 September

London, UK

Web site: www.brunel.ac.uk/about/acad/sed/conf/icmr08

Logistics Research Network Annual Conference 2008

10-12 September

Liverpool, UK

Web site: www.lrn2008.org.uk

FISITA 2008 World Automotive Congress

14-19 September

Munich, Germany

Web site: www.fisita.com

The 4th IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology (ICMIT2008)

21-24 September

Bangkok, Thailand

Web site: www.icmit2008.org

Lean and Quality Conference and Expo

24-27 September

Atlanta, Georgia

Web site: www.iienet.org

International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC)

7-10 October

Chicago, IL, USA

Web site: http://msec2008.northwestern.edu/

INFORMS Annual Meeting (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)

12-15 October

Washington, DC, USA

Web site: http://meetings.informs.org/

Qualcon 2008 Australian National Quality Conference

19-22 October

Adelaide, Australia

Web site: www.qualcon.com.au

China Association for Management of Technology International Conference (CAMOT 2008)

21-23 October

Beijing, China

Web site: www.camot.org/2008conference/2008.htm

International Conference of the China Association for Management of Technology

21-23 October

Beijing, China

Web site: www.camot.org/2008conference/2008.htm

19th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation

22-25 October

Trnava, Slovakia

Web site: www.daaam.com

39th Annual Meeting Decision Sciences Institute, 2008

22-25 November

Baltimore, MD, USA

Web site: www.decisionsciences.org/annualmeeting

1st ISPIM Symposium – Managing Innovation in a Connected World

15-17 December


Web site: www.ispim.org/symposium


ProMat Material Handling and Logistics Exhibition and Conference

12-15 January

Chicago, IL, USA

Web site: www.promatshow.com

INTERPHEX Conference on Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

17-19 March

New York, NY, USA

Web site: www.interphex.com/2009

Advanced Manufacturing UK 2009

25-26 March

Birmingham, UK

Web site: www.canontradeshows.com

CIRP IPS2 Industrial Product-Service Systems Conference

1-2 April

Cranfield, UK

Web site: www.cranfield.ac.uk/sas/cirp-ips2

IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics ICM 2009

14-17 April

Malaga, Spain

Web site: http://icm2009.isa.uma.es

MEDTEC Exhibition and Conference for Medical Device Development and Manufacturing

22-23 April

Besanc¸on, France

Web site: www.canontradeshows.com

Advanced Manufacturing Expo – Quebec 2009

19-21 May

Montreal, Canada

Web site: www.sme.org

Western Manufacturing Technology Show

16-18 June

Edmonton, Canada

Web site: www.sme.org

International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials

25-29 August

Berlin, Germany

Web site: http://thermec.uow.edu.au

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

19-22 October

Toronto, Canada

Web site: www.sme.org

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